All the drama and News at Bukola Saraki asset Declaration trial.

All the drama and News at Bukola Saraki asset Declaration trial.

So the Senate Bukola Saraki assets declaration trial finally took off today and it was not without its drama.Saraki arrived at the code of conduct trial with his supporters who happened to be fellow senators.The press and online media had reported that he came in with 50 senators,but that is not true.Saraki came in with 15 senators.Among them was the former governor of Sokoto state,Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko and Saraki's deputy in the
senate,Ike Ekweremaadu.

The drama started when the senate President Bukola Saraki and his counsel raised the motion that Saraki should not go into the dock.But the presiding Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal Danladi Yakubu Umar,turned down that appeal and insisted that the senate president was the accused and on trial so must sit in the dock.You would never have thought this was possible in Nigeria.It is ridiculous that an accused person was refusing to sit in the dock. 

The next drama was when the 13 count charges were being read to Saraki,after the first read charge,Saraki interrupted but the chairman Danladi Umar,shut him down .Telling him he was not in the senate were he presides over things.He is the accused and his duty was to listen to all the charges and at the end of it plead guilty or not guilty!
Wow! So at the end of it all,Saraki pleaded not guilty.
The next drama in the Saraki trial  was the judge announcing that the trial was adjourned till the 21st of October.

The Prosecutor was disappointed that the case was adjourned because he said he had brought along 5 witnesses and expected the trial to begin today.But he later said,having in mind that he had won in every issue he had raised so far,he would gallantly let the defence have their day and look forward to the adjournment day of Oct 21st.

And so.that was hour the Bukola Saraki code of conduct trial came to an end on Tuesday September.

The funny thing is Saraki said he was here at the trial because he supports and upholds the law and that of the code of conduct Bureau which the senate itself started in 2001.So you support the law yet refuse to turn up in court 2ce? You support the law yet yet took out an injunction not to appear at the trial? You support the law yet refuse to sit in the dock? It's a joke.This shows the total impunity Nigerian leaders show towards the laws of the land.

A few hours later,a  Press statement signed by Sen. Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba on behalf of the Eighth Senate was released in support of Senate President Bukola Saraki. That in itself i found shocking.How can you as senator of Nigeria,sign a statement supporting somebody who has been accused of falsifying documents?What you should do is say you await the findings of the tribunal and will comply with the findings.Its disgraceful that they would release a statement like that.But are we surprised? NO!

Below is the statement released for the support of Bukola Saraki by the senators...
After majority of us, Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, witnessed the appearance of our President, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal this morning, we are happy that he appeared at the Tribunal after availing himself of the opportunity to defend his Fundamental Human Rights. We also want to state here, on behalf of our colleagues, that the Senate remains solidly behind Senator Saraki and we express our unalloyed support for his leadership.
We reiterate the fact that he is our choice for the post of Senate President and no politically motivated, mischievous and vindictive trial will change our opinion of him.

By his appearance at the Tribunal, he has demonstrated his firm belief in the rule of law and his respect for our judicial process. We join Dr. Saraki in affirming our commitment to rule of law, constitutionalism and democracy. We only hope the other arms of government will ensure that due processes and procedures are followed in this trial and on all other issues.

The Eighth Senate restates its commitment to the programmes and policies of the Buhari administration. It is our belief that at the end of this trial, our democracy, Nigerians and the people will end up as the beneficiaries. May God bless our country, Nigeria.

Signed Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba On behalf of the Eighth Senate

Bukola Saraki's Special Assistant on New Media, Bamikola Omishore posted this tweet suggesting that El Rufai provided the evidence against Saraki.
An eventful day indeed in the Bukola Saraki asset declaration.

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