Cossy Orjiakor explains why she showed off Visa as she lands in Germany.

Cossy Orjiakor explains why she showed off Visa as she lands in Germany.

 Cossy Orjiakor Nollywood actress

Cossy Orjiakor jokes has been making the rounds in the last couple of days.The reason? Well,Cossy got a little over excited when she posted the visa of her German trip.I mean i have seen quite a few silly or strange things done by a celebrity,but CJ took it to new levels the way she proudly posted that German visa.It would be understandable if Cossy had a good reason,maybe a headline like "This is the visa to X country,where i'm going to do a charity for so and so"..But her visa was more of that an excited woman who
was so eager to get on the plane for the first time!
Trust bad belle Nigerians now,they came in droves for Cossy,with all kinds of jokes and insinuations.The most obvious one was that ,this must be CJ's first trip abroad.

Well the young lady and her twins was having none of that,so when she finally landed in Germany,she posted a message explaining why she was excited and why this was not her first trip out of the country or the first time she actually saw an air stewardess face to face!..

On the excitedment reason,she posted...

Hi... Frankfurt.. Came in this morning thou.. Tired. com... I saw comments online about posting the 1month abi 1wk visa. It's not my first time abroad.. My family lives abroad. My parents are always in and out of this country. but why won't I be childish.. Am super emotional this time because am being appreciated and will also receive awards based on my track record of my acting and also of my contribution to Nollywood as a whole. Why won't I be childish"(sic)

So there you are,there is a Yoruba saying that once a party at fault knows and admits his or her fault,he will remain no longer at the position of mercy,translating to Miss Orjiafor has readily admitted she was childish and emotional at this time,but she explained her reasons.I kinda of agree with her actually,no matter who you are,we all like acknowledgement and like to be appreciated.I guess Cossy feels she has been long in the Nollywood industry,people forget CJ is actually an actress.But that has always been overshadowed by her twins,although she has no one to blame for that except herself.

Congratulations on your recognition Cossy,we look forward to pictures from your recognition ceremony.Also be careful of those over there,its very cold in Europe,make sure those organizers are not just looking for an excuse to get closer to the twins! ;)
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