Don Jazzy won't get married if he has a love child!

Don Jazzy won't get married if he has a love child!

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Don Jazzy is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country and he added to the misery and confusion of his many fans and admirers in a new interview in which he made some not too encouraging insinuations..

Currently in Mauritius alongside members of the Mavin Crew for the Multichoice Africa content Showcase, Don Jazzy told the press during an interview session why he might not

get married.

In his words, when asked about his marriage plans he said “I have absolutely no idea”.

On having a child outside wedlock, the Mavin Records boss revealed “I don’t know if I have a child somewhere. Someone might come to say I have a 9 year old boy and we do a test and it is mine.”

“If I have a child before wedding, then I won’t get married anymore because there is no point,” he added. I guess every man out there is scared he might get a call from the past telling him about a child,lol..ladies are lucky,at least we know for sure if we have a child.We might not know who the father is That's the worst case scenario.

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