Electrocuted Unilag student Oluchi Anekwe had death premonition!

Electrocuted Unilag student Oluchi Anekwe had death premonition!

Parents of electrocuted Unilag student Oluchi Anekwe.
Oluchi Anekwe,the Unilag Student who died when she was  electrocuted, was said to have had a premonition about her death.According to Oluchi's family,the 300 level accounting student of the University of Lagos who was electrocuted on campus last Tuesday evening, after a high tension cable fell on her in front of the Sodeinde hall of residence in the campus, behaved in a very strange way in church while at a service.
Oluchi Anekwe's family said- “Last Sunday while at one of our prayer meetings in church, the man of God asked us to rebuke every monitoring spirit assigned to follow us about. Immediately, Oluchi got on her knees and started praying seriously, crying for God to

rebuke evil away from her. I had never seen her pray like that before. It was as if she knew death was around the corner,” 

Personally i don't buy into all that,is there anytime one goes to church and you are not met with the same prayer?I believe people go through all kinds of emotions and actions everyday and if they happened to die that very day,everything they had said or done will be interpreted.For example i had had days when i have said,i'm just fed up and tired,how long can i take this? Now,if i died that night,what do you think those who i had spoken to about my condition would have said? She said she was tired and fed up,she has gone home to rest..etc.

What happened to oluch Anekwe was a terrible thing and yet another waste of a brilliant mind that could have served Nigeria.It once again boils down to mismanagement in Nigeria as a whole,not just University of Lagos.If the Unilag authorities had informed those responsible for that cable to come fix it,or if PHCN had a proper structure where they monitor things,Oluchi Anekwe will be alive today living her life.

RIP Oluchi Anekwe.
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