Fayose refuses to teach Ekiti how to fish as he dishes out more Rice to people!

Fayose refuses to teach Ekiti how to fish as he dishes out more Rice to people!

Fayose distributes rice to Ekiti citizens.I really don't think Governor Fayose knows what he is doing.I find this lining people up on the streets and distributing rice to them like prisoners in a war camp really disgusting! Fayose's governance to me has no head or tail.What he does is try to win face with the illiterates and poor people of the state by giving them handouts,so they can say, we would not have eaten last week had Fayose not given us a bag of rice!
I find it very sickening and he is stripping the people of their dignity.If you really wanna
give out rice,then make it official in your state that those unemployed or those earning below the poverty line will receive food from the government weekly,forthnightly,monthly or how ever he wants to do it.Then we know this is a structured practice that has come to stay.
But him turning up when he feels like and distributing rice to the people stinks and is a face value performance to let the people think he is active and working for them.I am sorry he is not.
Frankly i don't think he has an idea about governance.He governs the state as if he was running a street of 100 stranded people.

What Fayose should be doing is finding ways to create jobs and boost economy in the state so everyone is self sufficient and have the dignity to live their lives and feed their families.But instead Fayose has chosen to play the Messiah who dishes out food to the poor on the streets.

How long is he gonna do this for? Is there supposed to be no other life for these people except eat? Why can't they dream of buying cars,building houses and going on holidays with their kids? Because according to Fayose,all he needs to do is give them rice on the streets and their lives are fulfilled.

Of course this people will be all happy receiving the bags of rice,they are starving and have been made to feel they have to be thankful for every grain they get.Its like when NEPA or PHCN gives you electricity for a few minutes and you all jump up in celebration! Because you have been starved and deprived of what should be your right! The electricity is supposed to stay on 24 7! But they give it to you for 2 days and people come up with the crap like,"Oh they are trying oh,they gave us light twice this week" Such nonsense!

The times he is supposed to be in his office,thinking up projects that would move the state forward,is instead spent buying pepper shopping in the market,drinking palm wine at local joints and turning into a traffic warden asking drivers for their particulars.Oh,sorry i forgot he catches late comers as well..I'm sorry but Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti is a joke and reminds me a lot of another entertaining joker,but without the violence.Idi Amin of Uganda.

The sooner the people of Ekiti realise they have a man who is way beyond his station,the better for them.
Just imagine Buhari for a second,going on the streets and distributing rice to Nigerians and saying he is ending their hunger,or he being on the streets checking the particulars of drivers,then you would see exactly how ridiculous the activities of Governor Fayose is.
I guess in Buhari's case,he would have to go to work places and ask them to empty their pockets there and then,in the name of fighting corruption.
Fayose is a joke and his antics are getting worse and more comical by the day!

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