Fayose says stomach infrastructure is more important than education and infrastructure!

Fayose says stomach infrastructure is more important than education and infrastructure!

Fayose  stomach infrastructure

I have said time and time again that Governor Ayo Fayose has no clue about governance.He says he wants to banish hunger in Ekiti,and his idea of doing that is lining people up on the streets and distributing Rice and Maggi to them,the guy is a joke.
Like i said once,if you want to give the deprived people of the state food,you have to create a proper structure.A social service where maybe the unemployed and those earning below
the minimum wage would be given food maybe forthnightly or monthly.Now this would be a government practice,not a Fayose party where he likes to stand on the streets so everyone sees him and claps for him like a Messiah.
Does he think this will banish hunger? You banish hunger by educating the people and creating jobs for them,not giving them handouts.

All those infrastructure that he is putting on hold now,will create jobs and give those families a better living standard.
Must he Fayose always be present at this food distribution and seen handing out food? Is that the best way a governor can serve his people? Isn't there people who should be assigned those jobs while he is dealing with the bigger picture of creating jobs for the state for example? He is what we call a Bobo shine shine governor!

Despite people’s opinions about the governor’s popular stomach infrastructure practice, the Governor who recently distributed items such as rice, milk, groundnut oil, beverages and maggi to the people of the State said he will do more rather than repair roads or focus on education for now.

The Governor according to a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, said only healthy people could contribute to the development of their societies.

“We are all witnessing what is going on across the world. People are moving to places they think has greener pasture even at the risk of their lives. People from Eastern Europe are struggling to get to the West. Here in Ekiti, our concern is the welfare of the citizens. When we banish hunger, assist in the provision of good health care services, then we can talk of roads and other social infrastructure. A hungry man may not value a road that is tarred because his major concern first will be to have food to eat. We are not allowing paucity of funds to deter us. When we started last year, mockers felt the programme would fizzle out or die, but it has not and will not. We have held it thrice in Ado-Ekiti and now Ikere-Ekiti and it will go round the state,” he said.

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