Fayose visits Awolowo residence and warns against politicizing HID Awolowo death!

Fayose visits Awolowo residence and warns against politicizing HID Awolowo death!

Fayose and his wahala.The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose  who spoke in Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, warned  Nigerian politicians to desist from playing  politics with the death of the late matriarch of Awolowo dynasty, Chief (Mrs) Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo.I think that is a great insult both to HID Awolowo and to those who have gone to pay her tributes.Is Fayose saying based on what Chief obafemi Awolowo has done for Nigeria,people cannot go and pay homage to his wife without ulterior motives? Is the man and his wife so held in low regards? Secondly,is Fayose the only one who can actually have
the right motives to go and pay his condolences to HID Awolowo? Because he is the perfect one abi? Ah beg park well,Oga governor.

Fayose visits Obafemi Awolowo's grave.
Fayose further  said the deceased should not be celebrated for political reasons,advising  that politicians should rather sustain her legacy and that of her late husband, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
The Ekiti governor noted that visiting the Awolowo's should not just be a one-off thing aimed at making publicity stunts.
He added:

“One thing I like to remind all  politicians; it is in our way to make politics out of people’s lives, to celebrate them for political reasons.
It was nice though to see Fayose go see the spot Chief Obafemi Awolowo was buried at his family home,i never knew this actually existed.I just assumed it was in a grave yard somewhere.I must make it a point to go visit the great man's resting place.For me,Chief Obafemi Awolowo was  the single most important ruler Nigeria has ever had,and if he had ruled Nigeria for just 4 years,we won't be where awe are today! Even 50 years later,his foundation in Western Nigeria still survives.Its hard to imagine for example that Nigeria had the 1st Tv station in Africa and had a Tv station before more than half the countries in Europe! It was also the first Awolowo who made free education and health possible for the first time ever in any part of Africa.

It's scary and sad to think of many other things Awolowo would have accomplished had he been allowed to rule,but unfortunately,Awolowo's brilliance was his down fall.The man was not a politician ,but he was the best leader.If Awolowo has been as cunning as Babangida or manipulative as Obasanjo,he would have ruled Nigeria.Awolowo believed his achievements were enough for him to become President of Nigeria.He didn't bargain for the politricks involved.His biggest mistake i think was openly saying he was going to probe the elites in the country.That sealed his fate,just like they fear Buhari now,the guilty knew that if Awolowo ever became President,they were all going to jail! From that point,it was operation stop Chief Obafemi Awolowo!

Fayose visits Awolowo residence
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