Has Erica Mena dumped Bow Wow and left him with a broken heart?

Has Erica Mena dumped Bow Wow and left him with a broken heart?

Bow Wow is a fool and there will be many more fools like him! Men who get attracted to the glitter and the beauty of a woman as opposed to what's inside her and a good woman.Everybody warned Bow Wow about Erica Mena,but he wouldn't listen! The only person in America who didn't warn Bow Wow was Barrack Obama.Maybe that's the final warning he was waiting for. I think when man falls for a woman like Erica Mena,its their self esteem that's in question.Erica Mena is not a girl you give your heart to.She is a good
time girl.She probably upped and left when she learnt that Bow Wow did not buy the house in Hollywood Hills he claimed was his,lol.

Now Erica has reportedly stopped wearing her engagement ring,but wait for it,let Bow Wow get a sniff of some major deal or major Tv show,she will be back like a bad tooth ache! And guess what? Bow Wow will probably take her back.

But maybe the couple are not quite done,cos Bow Wow shared a picture of them together after all this drama.Maybe hes teasing the fans,maybe not,Maybe they are actually happy together,time will tell.But whay has that engagement ring disappeared? Was it a kiss and make up thing? Did Bow Wow post those messages when they had a fight and now they have made up its all rosy again?

Well,we will wait and see,till the next episode.
The messages below are what Bow Wow shared on facebook..sob sob..

Pic Bow Wow shared suggesting they are not quite done.....

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