Has Saraki left APC? As he removes APC from his twitter handle!

Has Saraki left APC? As he removes APC from his twitter handle!

APC missing from Senator Bukola Saraki's twitter page.
Has Bukola Saraki left the APC?
The question on the lips of Nigerians today is,has the 3rd most powerful man in the country,Senate president Bukola Saraki left the APC? Saraki has removed the name of his party the APC from his twitter page! Now this looks like a full scale war here.Monday promises to be a very interesting day ,cos that was when the presiding chairman of the code of conduct bureau ordered for Saraki to be brought to the hearing.He effectively issued a warrant and the police were officially looking for Senator Saraki promising to arrest him and bring him to face his 13 count charge on false assets declaration.

It is also noted that Saraki's legal counsel had offered to produce him to the hearing on Monday ,but
urged the chairman to withdraw the issue of arrest as he was issuing a guarantee that Senator Bukola Saraki would make an appearance in court on Monday.But that appeal was turned down.

Now there are 2 questions here.The first is,will Saraki come to the hearing voluntarily on Monday?Second question is,Is Bukola Saraki still a member of the APC? Otherwise,why would he remove the PC from his official twitter page?

Now if he leaves the party,what are the ramifications for the APC? Would this not make things much tougher for the party to get the bills across? Also,some will say Saraki was playing this wrong,because if he goes to war with the APC and shows this disdain publicly,would they not be even more determine to punish him by sending him to jail? So many questions more than answers.

But Saraki had shown disdain and lack of respect already,the moment he disregarded the party's directive and pitched tents with the PDP just to satisfy his political cravings.

I think Saraki has made up his mind and left the party,it will be a miracle if this can be rectified.Saraki has burned his bridges with the APC.He is not on good terms with either the President,Muhammadu Buhari or the National chairman of the APC,Bola Tinubu.Its an open secret that Tinubu is very pissed off with him..looks like jail is calling..It is going to be a very interesting time this next few months in Nigeria's political world.And this is not the last big shocker,there are many more big guns that are looking at jail...But do they really come bigger than the No 3 man in Nigeria,Senator Bukola Saraki?

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