How Don Jazzy snubbed Dbanj on stage at 2Face Fortyfied concert.

How Don Jazzy snubbed Dbanj on stage at 2Face Fortyfied concert.

It looks like Nigerian music lover may never see Don Jazzy and Dbanj perform again or hear them record another song.There has been may people lobbying for the once dynamic duo to reform their partnership and do a song,but it has all fallen on deaf ears.This is mostly due to Don Jazz though.
Dbanj was on tv not long ago during an interview,while he was answering questions,he wondered how he would have been on the Dorobucci song.He then looked into the camera lenses jokingly and sent a message to Don Jazzy saying,we should do a remix.Till now ,nothing.But you can bet your ass that
Dbanj was not joking.He wanted that remix.
Don Jazzy has no reason to do a song with Dbanj because he is still having hits with his new team.He doesn't share the money 50-50 with anyone like he used to when Dbanj was around anymore.Not only that,he is now the main man and is enjoying himself,so as far as Don Jazzy is concerned,Dbanj is history and in the past.
Dbanj and Don Jazzy at the 2Face fortyfied concert
The body language tells all the story.

Now this brings us to the latest Don Jazzy snub.

Ever since, fans and colleagues in the music industry have been begging the duo to come back together and rework their magic.
However, what could have been the perfect opportunity for the two
heavyweights to address the issue came to pass on Sunday, September 20,at the Eko Hotel-venue of 2face Idibia’s Fortyfied Concert.
D’banj mounted the stage to perform some of his hit songs to the delight of the audience, and halfway through, he said he was going to perform a song, ‘Feeling Good’ produced by Don Jazzy and featuring 2face that was leaked online before it could be properly released.
He beckoned on Don Jazzy to join him on stage to perform the song, but Jazzy remained glued to his seat with new Mavin signees, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, and Dija.

Even when 2face begged the duo to produce one more hit together, Don Jazzy remained resolute. In 2face’s words, ‘Don Jazzy and D’banj, abeg make una do one more song, just one…. I take God beg una.’
D’banj instantly responded with the words, “Sure! It’s going to happen,” while Don Jazzy still remained on his seat without even a smile.

This led many of the guests in attendance to insinuate that D’banj was more eager for a come-back than Don Jazzy is.

Don Jazzy has obviously not forgiven Dbanj for whatever led to their split.It is sad to see D'banj lobbying for a hit so desperately.Everything he touched in the past turned to gold.From being the No 1 star in Africa,Dbanj has sadly turned into a star leaving on past glory.He must have released at least 10 videos and numerous songs over the last 2 years,but all to no avail.Its incredible really when you think about it.It's like Liverpool football club not winning the Premiership for over 20 year after being the No 1 team in England for almost 20 years! Who would have believed Dbanj will not have a hit since Oliver Twist almost 4 years ago?I know there have been close mini hits,but common,this is Dbanj we are talking about,if we are honest,his last hit was Oliver Twist.
The sad thing is he has actually released some decent songs,but he has become so desperate that he does not give the songs time to grow before he quickly releases another.
D'banj has been so used to the days of he and Don Jazzy when they had instant hits.
Sadly the days when the entertainer could say Mo gbono feli feli seems to be over,he was here,with his partner,they made us Fall in love and Suddenly they were gone without telling us the Koko.If anybody had said the Igwe will go four years without a serious hit,we all would have said Oloun Maje,Oloun Ma je o,but alas,that is what is happening before our eyes,can you blame us all for being an Oliver Twist and wanting more of the dynamic duo?

Written by Queen Olofofo with additional info of the 2face Fortyfied concert by the Vanguard.

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