Imam's tell Ekiti Citizens to turn down Fayose food gifts.

Imam's tell Ekiti Citizens to turn down Fayose food gifts.

Muslim leaders in Ekiti order citizens not to accept food gifts from Fayose.
Nigerians are the funniest people ever.So it was reported that an association of Imams and Alfas in Ekiti today held a meeting at the Ansar-u-deen Society Central Mosque Odo–Otu, Ado Ekiti where they gave an order to Muslims in the state not to accept food items and rams for the Sallah celebration from Governor Fayose or any official of the state govt.This
order was given because Fayose has supposedly not appointed  Muslims in political appointments in the state by Governor Fayose.I am still laughing.It is going to come to a state where there will be protests in Nigeria because a man from my street was not given a political appointment.

When  is all this nonsense gonna stop?Nigerian are either complaining about religion,tribe ,party or town,it is absolutely ridiculous! But this serves Fayose right.He was always complaining about how Buhari was not giving appointments to those from the South.Now he can see this partisan practise in Nigerian is a disease. So back to the Muslim board in Ekiti,are they going to give this people a replacement of the food Fayose was going to give them? What does it matter if the appointees are Muslims or not? Isn't it their ability to do the job and cater for the welfare of the citizens that matter? Apparently not,in Nigeria.

In a statement released and signed by the state’s Assistant Secretary, League of Imams and Alfas, Alhaji Quadri Oguntuase, the clerics said, “Based on the above, the League, Ekiti State Council hereby resolve that: No Muslim in the State should collect rams and other food items if presented to them in any form by the government"

I am still speechless from this whole thing.

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