Kim Kardashian the money making Phenomenon!

Kim Kardashian the money making Phenomenon!

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! If you had known Kim Kardashian 8 years ago,you would never had imagined KK would be this media money making machine that she has transformed herself to.According to a new biography by Author Sean Smith,called KIM,well what else would you suggest she calls it? Anyway,according to the new book,she is said to be worth a cool £65m! Not bad is it? Especially when you consider she is not a mode,singer or actress,she is simply her.

Her famous rear is said to be insured for £13million-plus and she is worth £65million.And
when you add it all up is seems that Kim, 34, has made an estimated £38million from, effectively, selling her body.
Now a new biography, called simply Kim reveals her stunning ability to market herself.

Every single part of her body has been transformed to a money making commodity.Funnily,what she is best known for,which is that famous backside,is the only part that is not really endorsed,but as said earlier,it is rumoured to be insured for £13m! So Kanye West really has to be careful how he handles the merchandise!

According to the writer,it's as if she made a conscious decision standing in front of the mirror to turn every bit of her into a money making specimen.

Here below is how KK's body parts brings in the millions.

Chest: She models her Kardashian Kollection Intimates lingerie, Divinity Collection swimsuits and Muscle Flex sports bras. 
Eyes: The Kardashian make-up range has 12 items including mascara, eye shadow and six types of fake eye lashes as well as sunglasses. 

It's in the eyes,her eye range brings in money in 12 different formats.

Feet: £1.6m for Sketchers Shape-Up shoes plug, also co-founded website making £1.3m from sale in 2013. 
Hair: Kardashian Beauty Hair Products include Black Seed Dry Oil, dryers, straighteners and she plugs Tria at-home laser hair removal system. 
Bum: No specific endorsements, but Kim is said to have had her famously rounded bottom insured for $21m in 2014. 
Lips: Eight shades of lipsticks and glosses raked in millions and she was also paid £970,000 to pucker up and promote a range of lollipops. 

 lips brings in millions in endorsements.

Nails: She has her own Kim-pletely In Love nail-varnish line with the OPI cosmetics giant. 
Neck : Put to good use selling trinkets from her Belle Noel and Virgins, Angels, and Saints ranges of celebrity jewellery. 
Skin: £650,000 for endorsing Perfect Skin range, £160,000 for her Glamour Tan, seven perfumes worth £12m and she plugs Fusion Beauty too. 

Waist: Her share of £20million from K Kollection clothes plus £1.5m plugging QuikTrim weight-loss pills.

And on and on it goes,then there are the personal appearances from all over the world.Those who wanna be in KK's company for just a moment and pay a ton for the pleasure,this comes in forms of boosting their brands or personal glorification.Then there are also the apps,the games,Kim Kardashian website is an obsession for many who have to log onto it every single day.Then don't forget her instagram brand,they all add up to the phenomenon and help make up the beast called K K! Now just imagine if she could sing or act?Surely that would be too much blessing for one woman wouldn't it?
By Queen Olofofo,contributions from  Mirror and Figures from Sean Smith.
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