Mum's letter to independent 13 year old son goes Viral!

Mum's letter to independent 13 year old son goes Viral!

My child is too independent! Its amazing how some parents refuse to take control of their children at an early age and teach them some basic home training.then when the child gets older and becomes totally unrulable,they try to lay down the law! Take for example this 13 year old boy whose mother has written a letter to him,the letter has gone viral online with most people praising the mother.I don't praise the 13 year old boys mum at all.In fact i blame her for almost turning this boy into something i'd rather not say here.Now in the letter,the mum is telling her 13 year old son that since he wants to be independent,he will have to pay bills,rent,etc.This is a 13 year old boy for God's sake! Now in the letter she also tells her 13 year old son,he will have to keep

his bathroom clean and clean up after himself.So evidently,the boy never did all of this before hand.These are supposed to be basic home training.

On the matter of threatening the boy with bills,this is more common with 16-18 year olds who feel they have attained a know it all age.If you start threatening a 13 year old son with rent,it means you have been a bad parent period!

See the rest of the contents in the letter below and make up your mind what you think.

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