Nigeria is in Trouble if President of Students Union really criticized Buhari.

Nigeria is in Trouble if President of Students Union really criticized Buhari.

I read the statement by the President of Nigerian student Union,Comrade Timileyin Gbenga Ayenuro,and i was shocked! If the leaders of tomorrow don't have the common sense to see what the situation of the country is and what is being done to put it back in place ,then what hope do we have for the future? Comrade Timileyin Gbenga Ayenuro,made a lot of points and most of them saying the President promised to carry this out within 4 years or sometimes a year,so we are 4 months into his government,is it a year or 4 yet? So why should he spew these senseless things? Franky,reading this,i think Ayenuro has been paid by the opposition to say these things.And Nigeria being what it is,would not surprise me,the
country has lost its morals and integrity and most people will do anything for money.
Surely a student should be sensible enough to know how low and bad the country was and realise it will not 4 months to clean it all up.

If you promise to come pick your girl friend up at 6pm,and whne you get to your car,you find out not only has the tyre been punctured,but 3 cars are parked behind you and making it impossible for you to drive away,won't you solve those problems before you go pick your girl friend up? And if you arrive late,will that be your fault?

Comrade Timileyin Gbenga Ayenuro writes as if Buhari will waltz into office and switch on a button and everything will be A1.Only a blind man will fail to see Buhari is effectively turning the country what Comrade Timileyin Gbenga Ayenuro,the President of Nigerian student Union had to say regarding Buhari's days in office below....

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has blasted  President Muhammadu Buhari on his achievements within his 100 days .In a statement issued by its Vice President on National Affairs, Comrade Timileyin Gbenga Ayenuro and tagged “Let the change be realistic, not a mantra”,they said 
“During Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential campaign, it should be recalled that a public letter was published by the President titled, “My Covenant”.
“He made no fewer than thirteen promises to Nigerian in the document which are: Reduction of fuel price to N45 per liter; Subsidize oil price at $100 a barrel; pay the poorest 25 million people N5, 000 every month; guarantee 40,000 megawatts of electricity in four years; Post NYSC Stipends; provision of Free meal ticket per day for all Nigerian school children and also provision of three million jobs in his first year in office.
“To the utmost surprise of every Nigerian student, President Muhammadu Buhari, has not only failed to deliver on his numerous ‘100-day in Office promises’, the President and his media machinery are intentionally and falsely, in the bid to cover the ineptitude of failing the ‘100-day integrity test’ in the court of public opinion, denying these lofty promises made during the electioneering campaign.
“Also, he promised to build four refineries in one year; provide free education to all Nigerian children, conquer Boko Haram in two months, payment of allowance to Graduate job seekers, Tackling Child Labour, Graduate Employment, Nationwide Environmental Sanitation Plan, No foreign Health Care for Government officials, 20% Education Budget, Just Farm, Government Buys Policy, Educating the Girl Child, An Independent EFCC and ICPC, Establishment of Office of Public Defender, Protecting Freedom of Speech, More Government spending on Health, Improving National Security, Prompt and stress free pension payment, Addressing Ethno Religious Tolerance, A fair deal with women and Corruption Free Election.

“With the aforementioned lofty promises, Nigerians thought the change they expected had come. But amazingly, after 100 days in office, Buhari whom they described as ‘Baba Go Slow’ because of his sluggishness in executing government policies, has not achieved any of the promises.
“Muhammadu Buhari should learn that Nigerians mean business and are ready to see developments around the nooks and crannies of the country. Nigerians believe that terrorism will be a thing of the past, corruption will be a forgone issue. Nigerians believe that the new president should find a lasting solution to the backlog of unpaid salaries, perennial fuel scarcity, fuel subsidy regime, cost of governance, institutionalized corruption, insecurity, erratic power supply, poorly-developed education and all other human endeavors. The clock is ticking!
“Also, it is disheartening and perhaps, indicative of the direction the administration of President Buhari is heading with respect to the lopsided appointments made so far. He is just being driven by the passion to salvage a ‘perceived’ sinking state, irrespective of who is negatively affected. He needs to know that we have a federation that should be run through established laws. All the federating units must be part of the government to avoid unnecessary litigation against constitutional violations. There are still many more appointments to be made and Nigerians are watching to see what will happen.”

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