OMG! 105 Year old sprinter Miyazaki sets 100m World record!

OMG! 105 Year old sprinter Miyazaki sets 100m World record!

Hidekichi Miyazaki sets world record completing 100m at 105 years old!
I am in a shock,i see it nut my eyes don't believe it!
Most of Hidekichi Miyazaki's agemates are dead ... but he's still here. And not only that, he's
still sprinting like a champ. Just yesterday, one day after his 105th birthday, Hidekichi set a WORLD RECORD of the fastest ever 100 meter dash time for a person in the 105+ category... with a time of 42 seconds. Its  not the fastest for anybody at 105+,it should be the fastest for anyone over 80,how many 100 year old people do you see walking aroung talk less of running?

The best part of the whole thing ... he busted out the LIGHTNING BOLT celebration after he crossed 
the finish line ... a tribute to Usain Bolt, who also sent him a shout out. In fact, Miyazaki calls himself "Golden Bolt" -- and says he wants to challenge Usain to a race!

After setting the Guinness World Record, Miyazaki said, according to AFP, that his goal was 35 seconds.

“I’m not happy with the time. I started shedding tears during the race because I was going so slowly. Perhaps I’m getting old!”
His time was 32.64 seconds slower than Usain Bolt‘s all-ages world record.

Miyazaki’s new record came three days after American Don Pellmann snatched the Japanese’s 100-and-older 100m world record.

Pellmann, who set five records in one day at the San Diego Senior Olympics, ran his 100m in 26.99 seconds. Pellmann also became the first centenarian to clear the bar in a high jump (.90 meters, just shy of three feet), in addition to discus, long jump and shot put records. - It truly is an incredible story,for a 105 year old man to compete at 100 m.If you are there thinking the impossible,just change that to i'm Possible.
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