Saturday, 19 September 2015

Outcry in South Africa as Sfiso Ncwane gives Nigerian pastor R1.9m(N29m) car!

South African gospel singer, Sfiso Ncwane, gave Rev. Francis Anosike, the founder of the Johannesburg-based Rock Of Victory Ministries International Church, a R1.9m ( N29m ) AMG Mercedes-Benz GL 63 V8. He said it’s in 
appreciation of a healing from a heart attack performed by Anosike.

Read about how the South African gospel singer was poisoned here.

The South African Gospel singer said he was grateful to God for using one of his sons, Pastor Francis Anoskie, the Nigerian Pastor based in South Africa for healing him from heart attack. According to Sfiso Ncwane, the gospel singer, he had a heart attack and was waiting to die before the pastor was called upon. He raced to his house, prayed for him, and
the attack left.

Outcry in South Africa as Sfiso Ncwane gives Nigerian pastor R1.9m(N29m) car!

Sfiso who is rumored not to have a car himself later said: “I don’t even own such a car myself, but I have no problem with it because it’s nothing compared to the gift of life God gave me through Rev Anosike.” Many South Africans are however questioning the veracity of the healing and suggested that the car was bought by the pastor and given to the singer to present it as a gift, so as not to anger the congregation.That is indeed a very possible explanation.I think its all for publicity,cos now people will start flocking to the church and that is more money for the pastor.I mean,imagine all the free publicity we are giving to the pastor and his church now.
One commenter said: “I am a Christian myself, but then I have never heard of anyone who had suffered a heart attack and decided to heal at home. To start with, who diagnosed that it is a heart attack indeed?”
Another said: “I wonder if Nigerians listen to his music.” Pheladi said: “Who runs the world? Nigerians” Sikhu Guptas criticized him by saying: “Damn Sfiso. Sooner or later, u will be bankrupt. Be careful of Nigerians. They mean business.”…… d wise ones among them however used d opportunity to remind God that they’re still waiting for his call…..

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