Raheem Sterling calls Iheanachor Uncle Kelechi on twitter causing a storm!

Raheem Sterling calls Iheanachor Uncle Kelechi on twitter causing a storm!

Raheem Sterling calls Iheanachor Uncle Kelechi on twitter
Raheem Sterling is seriously trending on Nigerian twitter after congratulating his fellow Manchester City Footballer Kelechi Iheanacho on twitter.Now there's nothing wrong with that absolutely.The problem is Raheem Sterling chose to call Iheanacho "Uncle Kelechi" in his tweet! Chai!

Uncle Kelechi

Tweet text

 Now Sterling is 20 years old,Kelechi Iheanachor is 18,excuse me while i clear my throat,so why would a
20 year old call an 18 year old Uncle Kelechi,especially as that is a sign of respect for an older person among black people,Africa especially.
Could Raheem Sterling being a closet African, or is the Uncle a private joke among the team mates?When i saw that tweet at the end of Match of the Day,my face lit up,i thought that Sterling boy is a cheeky lad.But i never thought for a second twitter was gonna eat it up!

Twitter has gone crazy and i haven't laughed so much in a long time reading the jokes.
So Raheem Sterling,you owe us an explanation,why did you refer to Kelech Iheanachor as Uncle Kelechi in your tweet?

Check out some hilarious reactions to Sterling calling Iheanachor Uncle Kelechi.

  1. Uncle Kelechi... then Daddy Aguero, Grand Daddy Yaya Toure
  2. Raheem Sterling said "Uncle Kelechi" .
  3. Omo.. Uncle Kelechi our man... iyaff kobalise u oo
  4. My 9ja peeps... Uncle Kelechi.. Dah dude has done no harm na..
  5. Uncle Kelechi. That 'uncle' get meaning.
  6. Uncle Kelechi. lol. Sterling is a Nigerian.
  7. Lol ": Is this respect, envy or tantrum? This guy, Raheem your ancestors must be Yoruba|RT : Uncle Kelechi"
  8. Retweeted Owen Gee (): RT ": Uncle Kelechi ๓พฎž" < bros raheem sterling abeg nor expose...
  9. Lmao!!!...Honour your father and mother for this is right...including your Uncles : Uncle Kelechi
  10. RT ": Uncle Kelechi " < bros raheem sterling abeg nor expose uncle kelechi sorry I meant kelechi iheanacho ooooo, mind ya biz>.
  11. Sterling is crease "uncle kelechi"
  12. "Uncle Kelechi" :D.... I like the way Match of the Day show tweets from the players
  13. It seems you have home training after all. ": Uncle Kelechi "
  14. Wtf!! Lmao ": Uncle Kelechi "
  15. "lmao : That guy is like 35yrs": Sterling tho uncle kelechi sho..... he knows whats up ""
  16. He came in as a sub and scored immediately. Indeed, Uncle Kelechi.
  17. E say Uncle": Uncle Kelechi "
  18. You sabi jare ": Uncle Kelechi "
  19. ": Uncle Kelechi ��"<Khahahahaha, I so comprehend the meaning of the "uncle"

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