Rapper Phyno ready to work with Vic O!

Rapper Phyno ready to work with Vic O!

Rapper Phyno and Vic O rapper.

I really am not sure if this should be happening.Should Vic O really be giving the opportunity to work with Phno? Shouldn't that opportunity go to some talented rapper who really deserves a break?
Phyno was on this week's episode of MTV Base Real Talk, and made a couple of revelations which include his interest in collaborating with controversial rapper, Vic.O, his
relationship status, and the artistes who make him jealous.

rapper Vic O!

Answering a question asked by Twitter user, @zamirprince, Phyno denied having any reservations with working with Nigerian born, Italy based controversial artiste, Vic. O saying: "If the song is nice, I will jump on it. We will do an After Party remix"

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When asked another question by Twitter user @paulizo who wanted to know whose career made Phyno jealous, the successful rapper replied:

I see people like P Square and 2face, the level they are right now and still relevant. That is supposed to be the prayer of every artiste. To get married, have kids and still be relevant to the new generation, that is one thing I pray about, so if you describe it as jealous, yeah

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