Right to die assisted dying bill rejected in England and Wales by Mp's.

Right to die assisted dying bill rejected in England and Wales by Mp's.

Members of Parliament have rejected the right to die assisted dying bill in England and Wales today Friday 11th September.
The assisted dying bill was put to vote in the House of commons and was rejected by 330 votes to 118 by the Members of Parliament.

In countries such as Switzerland,it is legal to take your life and terminally ill people from
all over the world have gone there to get help with ending their lives.Such help would have been available if the right to die had been favorable to these people in the assisted dying bill.
I personally cannot understand why there is so much resistance in giving people the rights to end their lives with dignity.What is the point in living when your quality of life is nil and you a burden to loved ones? The right to die is a no brainer.The assisted dying bill should have been voted in favour of today.I think the MP's threw a big wobbler in failing to let the assisted dying bill in England and Wales go through.Some of the argument of the MP's who voted against the right to die bill was ,it will be legitimising suicide.No it will not be.
These people didn't just wake up and say ,oh,i'm gonna die today.They had a very good reason or reasons for wanting their right to die.I guess its easy for the MP's,they have never been ill to the extent that they don't know who they are,are in constant pain that is irreversible and living a life that had no quality but barely existing like a vegetable! If they have or have had someone close to them exist like that,they would have voted for the assisted dying bill today and realise that right to die is a right for every human being!

As expected there was protest by advocates of both sides,they were both present outside the House of commons today,with each group backing reasons why the right to die should be voted for or voted against.But in the end,the happy party were the group who protested against the assisted dying bill. Why is euthanasia such a terrible thing if it gives you the dignity to escape from a dehumanizing life?

The assisted dying bill brought forward suggested adults with less than half a year to live could be given a lethal dose of drugs, but only if they were capable of taking it themselves.
This is not the first time this notion had been rejected for England and Wales.It had been rejected several times before today, but today’s vote for assisted dying or against it was the first one on the issue in 18 years. The last time the rights to die bill was voted against for England and Wales, was way back in 1997.

Now British people in these shores will keep going to countries where it is legal to die to take their own lives.
Why can't there be a plan where those who are vying for assisted dying or right to die be accessed to see their state of mind to make sure they were fully aware of the decision they are about to take? If it is then determined that they are of sound mind,they should be allowed the right to die and giving every available help for assisted dying!

We are quick to point out that animals are like humans and should be treated as such,but when animals are at a state where their quality of life is diminishing,due to pain or something similar,they are helped to die,and this is without them asking,so why can't a human who is of sound mind be allowed his right to die in England and Wales or Britain?
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