See how Kazım Gürbüz kept an incredible body at 95yrs old with Yoga!

See how Kazım Gürbüz kept an incredible body at 95yrs old with Yoga!

 Kazım Gürbüz kept an incredible body at 95yrs old with Yoga!

Kazım Gürbüz, a 95 year old yoga master believes that we can all live to be 130 years old and has some incredible advice to help us achieve this. 

By looking at Kazim, you would never believe that the yogi is 95 years old. Speaking on this achievement, Kazim says he works on maintaining his flexibility and focuses on eating a variety of superfoods. He says that this way of life hasn't only helped him to look fresh-faced, it's also allowed him to recover from a serious injury. At the age of 41, he was left paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his back. Doctors said he would never walk again, but the inspirational man ended up curing himself by having friends manipulate his vertebra back into place. “I conducted 63 different experiments on myself," the yogi told Daily Hurriyet. "I was born again. Nine months after the experiment I began to walk. ‘Miracle!’ they said."

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While many saw Kazim's recovery as miraculous, he thought differently. "Man uses his brain power if applied correctly and the brain can regenerate muscles and nervous system," the 95-year-old explains. The yogi also believes that every individual has the ability to stay young and can prove it. He's able to hold his breath for 4-5 minutes and can easily perform the knot position for up to 48 hours. “I am the same as when I was 25-30 years old. They challenged me to prove it in Europe, so I did,” Gürbüz says. When it comes to his diet, he eats a variety of honey and recommends pinto beans, peppers, herbal tea, and soup.

As for his passionate outlook on life, he declares that people should live for others and themselves. He reveals that life truly begins at 65. “We can live to be 130 years old," Kazım Gürbüz confidently states. "I have such an intention… everyone has the power… If they take good care of their bodies. Then they will live to age like me.”

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