Segun Odegbami of Nigeria guns for FIFA Boss Job!

Segun Odegbami of Nigeria guns for FIFA Boss Job!

segun odegbami and funmi iyanda

Segun Odegbami FIFA Boss Job!
I really feel sorry for the generation that missed out on seeing odegbami play football.He was poetry in motion.One of the most beautiful sights on a football pitch,with him weaving his magic on the right wing both for IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan and the then Green Eagles of Nigeria.He terrorized defences all over Africa and was once voted the third best player in Africa,it should have been the No 1,but that's a topic for another day.Segun is also equally as smart intelligent and articulate in everyday life as he was on the football pitch.

If he can bring half the passion,skill,grace,dedication and application he had into the board room of FIFA,the game will be better for it and i definitely for one would love to see him get the job of the FIFA boss.Maybe he won't get it,not because of his ability,but because of the politics involved,perhaps he should have gone for a lesser position,but hey the man once voted the 3rd best player in Africa, was never known for doing things in half.Aim for the moon,and you just never know..

Odegbami has declared his interest to run for FIFA's president. An election will
hold in Zurich Switzerland on February 26th 2016 to determine who will be the next President of the World Football governing body. A statement from 63 year old Segun Odegbami today September 1st, states that FIFA requires an individual who will come correct the reputation of the body following the recent scandal that rocked it

"Moving forward, FIFA thus require a new era of leadership that can restore the dignity of the noble sport and that of this esteemed international institution with global followership. To address the issue will demand that FIFA purges itself, launders its image, restores its reputation and reinstates integrity into its activities and operations.

Times like this call for all concerned members of the global football family to contribute to the actualisation of renewed objectives for FIFA by electing a deserving and qualified person, with the right character that can achieve the desired goals and restore confidence and integrity to the organization and its activities. The world is very interested in who becomes the next President of FIFA, considering the present image and state of this institution and I see myself fitting into this role”.

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