Soundcity stopped playing P Square for being ungrateful!

Soundcity stopped playing P Square for being ungrateful!

P Square and sound city saga.
Wow,that was quick,i knew Soundcity were gonna reply to the twins accusation today but not that quick,and from what i read here,the group are painted the ungrateful party,would be interesting to hear what they have to say about these Soundcity allegations.
Soundcity have now shared a statement on their website titled "What Has Soundcity Ever Done For P-Square?" and in the statement, they replied to P Square saying Soundcity never play their videos(see HERE)

We've gotten hold of the statement, and you can read it after the jump:

For 10 Years, @SoundcityTV has been a huge supporter of #PSquare and the #PSquare brand, right from their 1st music video to the last video released in 2014. Most of their videos got massive airplay on @SoundcityTV than any other music channel.

@SoundcityTV viewers sometimes complain about the dominance of #PSquare videos on the channel & charts. We were a huge supporter and gave everything to their works.

We have assisted the #PSquare brand, toured with them over Africa at our expense. Gave them ad-spots for their events / projects. Gave them prime time slots for their videos and included them in our array of Programmes / programming.

We invited #PSquare to one of our annual events last December 2014 and they insisted we pay a certain amount of money. We reasonably asked, what is the least we can offer?; this was us foregoing the fact that we had invested a lot in #PSquare’s career as music talents / artistes & entertainers.


While we understand that this is business, there is also room for special consideration. Saying our TV brand has never done anything for #PSquare was quite damning. Clearly, there was no need to argue with their decision and reasoning. We decided to stop ‘doing anything’ with/for #PSquare, since our 10years of supporting the group meant nothing to them. We assumed our relationship was a mutually beneficial one, but clearly one-sided.

Ultimately, #PSquare music videos stopped airing on @SoundcityTV since January 01, 2015. Soundcity reserves the right to air music videos on our cable / satellite or terrestrial platforms.

Overall, we wish the duo the best in their endeavours. @SoundcityTV will keep airing works of the best and upcoming Nigerian artistes, and also, the best #African artistes to the world, especially nurturing their talents from inception till they become huge megastars and international superstars.

Thank you.

This is not the first time they will do something like this.I remember some few years ago ,when this same Jude Okoye was involved.P Square had won 4 or 5 awards at the Hip Hop World awards,i'm not sure what year this was,maybe 5 0r 6 years ago.They were happy and felt like the baddest guys on the planet! Wouldn't you,if you had just won 4 or 5 awards.Now fast forward to the following year,P Square didn't win,and you know what the boys said? The Hip Hop awards was a Yoruba award! Now that is just disgusting! You should realise that you are not the only artists in Nigeria,as good as you may be.
P Square may be the innocent party here,we don't know yet,till we hear their side of the story,but in the past,the boys or their management have displayed traits of arrogance,Are they guilty this time? Time will tell...

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