Watch Nigerian pastor enter church on Hoverboard!

Watch Nigerian pastor enter church on Hoverboard!

Nigerian Pastor rides into church on hoverboard,

A Nigerian Christ Embassy Church pastor made a spectacular entrance in church on a Hoverboard!
The incident took place in Grays UK.
The pastor probably saw this as a way to bring the young ones closer to the church by trying to identify with the young culture and current trend.It's either that or the pastor who entered the church on a hoverboard just has too much swag for days!

As usual twitter had its say as some people did not find it appropriate,while some thought it was just
funny and cool.Personally i am not sure where i stand.On one hand,there is nothing wrong with a pastor riding on a hoverboard to make an entrance into a church.On the other hand it comes across as not the right place for that sort of thing.Privately the pastor can ride on his hoverboard ,but in Church? Just makes it looks trivial..But if the message is that a pastor is just like anyone else  who is allowed to have fun,then its cool.

Deep down though you can't help but wonder if even pastors are buying into the hip hop culture,Hoverboard today,what next tomorrow,a pastor with grills on his teeth? You never know brother,you just never know.Did you ever think you will see the headline-Pastor rides hover board into church?

Some reactions to the Hoverboard riding pastor's entrance on twitter below.

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See the video of the pastor ride into church on hoverboard below...

Video credit INDIA.
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