Why Cardinal Okogie should be ashamed he is begging for Nigeria Looters!

Why Cardinal Okogie should be ashamed he is begging for Nigeria Looters!

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Reading this makes me so happy that i lost respect from all this charlatans calling themselves men of God years ago! I am absolutely disgusted by what i just read from Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie.Is there not a single so called man of God left in Nigeria with integrity? Didn't the bible itself not say no sinners shall go unpunished? Why are these so called men of God so adamant and keen on the Nigerian looters not being prosecuted? Is it because they are all friends and chopped the loot together or are they feeling guilty from all the tithes they collected or are the looter breathing down their necks telling them-"Pastor we chopped this money together o,so please do something"?

Why would a so called man of called say tread softly on the cases of the looters? Tread what softly? Are these men revolutionaries? These men are thieves,OLE,BARAWO! Why are we asking for respect for them? Hear what Cardinal Okogie said- it would be easier if looters were allowed to return their loot without castigating them publicly.  He should really
be ashamed of himself for uttering those words!

It is clear the looters are all scared and they have all been running to these men to plead their cases.Where was Okogie all these years when there has been no power supply,equipped schools,roads and hospitals? Did he make a public cry?NO! Because he and his thieving friends were basking in money! I will go as far as probing all these churches as well and jail all those guilty of corruption! I see no difference,the men of God are as bad as the politicians..Awon ole jati jati!

The repoer i read today of Olubunmi Okogie,was upsetting,disgusting and incredibly ridiculous! The Former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, advised President Muhammadu Buhari, to invite suspected looters of the country’s treasury for talks.

He said that since the President is working to retrieve looted funds, he advised the president that it would be easier if looters were allowed to return their loot without castigating them publicly.
Olubunmi Okogie, said:
“I agree with the National Peace Committee that the President should tread softly and should set criteria that he is going to use. Corruption is endemic in Nigeria. That is why they are asking for caution: ‘Look at it properly,’” he said.
The cleric urged President Buhari to invite those suspected to have looted government treasury “to speak to their conscience.”
He said that it would be difficult for the government to retrieve the loot as the suspects would use their financial resources to create legal hurdles for their prosecutors.
Okogie said:
“People like that, when they go to court, they don’t look right and left before they do things. If I have a man like that and I know he has the money, I will weigh the options; ‘will it profit the nation if I take this man to court. If I take him to court, he is going to get a lawyer. The lawyer will be employed with part of the money I am looking for.
“The lawyer will now start to ask for adjournments and all what not. I may not get this money until after four years. And the judge too, in the mean time, is getting (part of the loot); you will not know. He won’t just adjourn anyhow.
“The lawyer will invite his brother (the judge) to come and get part of the cake until half of it will be gone. We have to look at the issue from that angle. And you may end up getting nothing.”
When asked if such would be possible in a sanitised judiciary, he asked, “Is it sanitised?”
He said these are the areas the President ought to have started his anti-graft war by “sanitising and purifying” the judiciary first. “At least, you will know that three-quarters of the place is tight, and then you can start (the probe),” he added.
He further said that parents were no more disciplined as like in the old days.
He said:
“These days, they don’t care anymore. That is not right; that is not how they were brought up.” 
“Look at the probe that is going on now, for example; how can one person manage to get (steal) one-point-something billion; not even million but billion, and very soon you will hear of trillions? Where did he get it from? That is how it is going on, and he is from a family.
“And if his conscience worried him, he will run to his pastor to say ‘I want to pay tithe-; this is my tithe.’ The pastor collects the tithe. Seeing that it is huge money, the pastor will ask him, ‘what can I do for you?’ ”

I really hope Buhari names and shames all these thieves,not only that,i hope they are jailed and humiliated for many years! What some people who are asking for mercy don't understand is,if a hard stance is not taking now,what stops the next set of thieves not doing the same? If they were to say,ok return the money,but don't do it again,where is the deterrent? I can imagine if this were Jonathan,i can see him smiling weakly and sheepishly saying,ah ,well,the men of God has begged for mercy,lets just take the money and thank them! Bloody nonsense! Men who steal 1,000 Naira are killed publicly,burnt to death! And you see men robbing the nation of billions,all you say is please return the money thank you. I have lost every single ounce of respect for Olubunmi Okogie,i looked up to that man as a child.Now i see he is one of the reasons why Nigeria is so messed up! I hope the looters he is trying to cover up rot in jail!

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