Why does Obasanjo keep visiting President Buhari?

Why does Obasanjo keep visiting President Buhari?

Why does ex Nigerian leader Olusegun Obasanjo keep visiting President Buhari in the state house in Abuja?Anybody who knows Obasanjo well will know he is lobbying for something.I would not be surprised if Obasanjo was trying to influence Buhari's ministerial list that is due out anytime soon.Why does he keep going to Aso Rock? Did he forget anything there? This man has ruled Nigeria 3 times.but it seems he still has not got that power drug out of his system.We all know how Obasanjo pushed for a 3rd term in office after having served 2ce already! He tried changing the constitution to allow this greedy ambition,but thankfully it did not succeed.If Obasanjo had his way,he will still be in office today.How many times in a year 
does Obasanjo want to visit Buhari in Aso Rock?

I can't understand why all these statesmen can not borrow a leaf from Nelson Mandela's book.He knew when to leave and left despite the people and his party still wanting him to stay on.
I cannot understand what Obasanjo seems to be looking for with the constant visiting to President Buhari.Can't he talk to his friend over the phone if he wants to say hello? I am sure he does that too,so for him to call and still feel the need to visit,well.....I live you to fill in the blanks.

We all saw how he turned on ex President Goodluck Jonathan,the moment he decided to be independent.What Obasanjo envisaged was he would be the man behind the power and control Goodluck Jonathan once he got into Aso Rock as president.Well,he was left with egg on his face and he never forgave Goodluck Jonathan for that.

Now that chapter is over and Buhari is the next phase.You just watch,the moment Obasanjo does not get what he wants from Buhari,he will turn against him like Real Madrid supporters turn on their players!

See more pictures of Obasanjo's visit to see Buhari after the cut...
The former president visited President Buhari at the state house earlier today. Continue to see more photos

On a lighter note,when a reporter tried to interview Obasanjo and find out what his meeting with Buhari was all about,Baba Iyabo replied.."Commot Joor".lol....  I give him that,he is entertaining,can you imagine ex President Goodluck Jonathan coming up with such a quip? i couldn't either...

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