Why NSC are clowns to ban Blessing Okagbare from 2016 Olympics!

Why NSC are clowns to ban Blessing Okagbare from 2016 Olympics!

Blessing Okagbare olympics

I don't know what has happened here,but on ething i am sure of is a ban at the 2016 Olympics is no good for both Blessing Okagbare and Nigeria.What the NSC should do is find a solution to the problem not ban her from 2016 Olympics! That is such a stupid decision to come to.Have they called her up for a meeting? Have the spoken to Okagbare to find out if there is a problem and what it might be?
Nigerian sprinter and Commonwealth queen of tracks,
has been banned by the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), following her appearance at the Zurich Diamond League on Thursday, a few days after she failed to run for Nigeria in the 200m event at the just concluded IAAF World Championship in Beijing, China.

Guardian reports that Okagbare was Team Nigeria’s medal hope at the IAAF Championship in Beijing but she fumbled in the 100m final, finishing last, and also failed to show up for the 200m event four days later, despite appearing in the warm up area. She claimed injury and while some Nigerians were yet to come to terms on what transpired in Beijing, there was a shocker a few days ago, when Okagbare announced she will not be representing Team Nigeria for the 11th All Africa Games in Congo, an action which AFN and NSC finds unpatriotic.

This is very typical of the stupid Nigerian officials we have running the sports commission.What have they ever done for Nigeria? Have they broken bones or shed blood for the country like these athletes? These athletes do all the suffering while the officials enjoy all the trappings and stay in all the best hotels.I will never forget seeing our disables athletes at the National stadium Lagos training for the Olympics.The scene was pathetic.These athletes trained with the worst possible equipments,even the weights were DIY weights that they used to train.But they won medals,and guess who took the praises? Those stupid corrupt officials.
All the times that she had competed for Nigeria and won medals,is suddenly forgotten now and now they wanna ban her from the Olympics. We all know the Olympics is the greatest time or period in an athletes life,they probably think they are getting her back.But once again have they had a meeting with her to see why she performed badly or did not partake in an event she was supposed to?
Do they really believe she will train for all these months and want to lose in front of the whole world?
Our sports commission is disgraceful and a farce!
We have 170 million people,strong vibrant young Nigerians.Jamaica is not even half the size of Lagos,yet they are winning medals for fun,what have the National Sports Commisson done to put Nigeria back at the top in sports?
Where are all the school competitions,the National competitions are a shadow of what they used to be.Where are all the academies? Where are all the facilities for school kids and the community?

Nigeria should be in the top 3 in every sporting event in the world,cos Nigerian can do anything! But it wont happen cos we have fools in powers of our sporting corridors!

Blessing, if banned from the Olympics of 2016 will probably end up running and jumping for another nation winning medals for them.It wont be the first or last time with the clown we got in our Sporting corridors!

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