Why Saraki the 3rd most powerful man in Nigeria is facing jail on assets declaration!

Why Saraki the 3rd most powerful man in Nigeria is facing jail on assets declaration!

Saraki's millions in Banks outside Nigeria.

Now Senator Bukola Saraki is going through the courts to challenge his impending assets declaration trial in court for false declaration of assets while Governor of Kwara state between 2003 and 2011.The interesting thing here is the word process.Cos that is what Saraki is following here.Now the irony and the sad part of it all is,if Saraki had followed that same process in the first place,he would not be in this trouble.And make no mistake about it,the senate president could definitely end up in prison! With Buhari in charge ,anything is possible.But before that happens,Saraki will fight tooth and nail to avoid that hearing.A
Federal High court sitting in Abuja this evening halted moves by the Code of Conduct Bureau to arraign
Senate President Bukola Saraki tomorrow Sept. 18th over allegations and a 13 count charge of false declaration of assets,financial crime, money laundering, and unexplained assets while he was governor of Kwara state.

At the hearing of the case filed before the court by Senator Saraki, the presiding judge, Justice Ahmed Mohammed summoned the Federal Ministry of Justice, Chairman of the CCB and Chairman of the Code of Conduct tribunal, CCT, to appear before the high court on Monday September 21 to show cause why Saraki should be prosecuted over the alleged offence.

Now back to that word process,if Saraki had not been greedy and over ambitious,by going against his party's wishes and behind their back to challenge for the senate presidency,which he eventually attained,he would not be living in fear right now.Saraki thought he was smart and could gather some cronies and challenge the status quo,well he has found out now that you don't bite the hands that feed you! No matter what Saraki thought about the procedure of appointing the next senate president,he should have followed his party's wishes.You cannot be under a party and do as you please,that is how you have anarchy.

Saraki thought with a the few friends he has and now attaining position of the senate president,thus becoming the 3rd most powerful man in Nigeria,he was untouchable! Sorry my brother,you are very touchable,there is a saying in Yoruba that "Eni to ba ju ni lo,le ju ni nu" An older an wiser person can abandon and cast you away".

Tinubu quietly enjoying Saraki's predicament.
I don't particularly agree with the way Bukola Saraki is being treated in his assets declaration,but he has brought this all up on himself.He opened pandora's box and has to make do with all the jollies he finds in there.I very much see a scenario where Saraki might be going to jail.Even though i don't like the way this came about,if he is guilty and goes to jail,i will welcome the move.

This would have been much better if along with Saraki many more names were mentioned and equally going to court.To single out Saraki in a field where we know there are many many other corrupt men,suggests this is definitely a witch haunt.A payback,but everyone knew that anyway,it's no news.Now how many more men do you think gave false assets declaration in Nigeria? Tons,even the President himself,might be guilty of this.

The thing Nigerians should ask though is this,yes it may possibly be a witch haunt,but if Saraki is guilty of all what he is accused of and stealing Nigeria's money,does he deserve to go to jail,witch haunting or no witch haunting? That is the big question,and i know what my answer is.
Saraki landed properties in Nigeria.

An investigation by the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police Force revealed that Mr. Saraki not only went on a massive stealing spree that contributed to the collapse of Societe General Bank, but that he also masterminded a series of fraudulent schemes by taking out loans and bribing bank officials not to collect on those loans. Altogether, Bukola Saraki has accumulated millions of dollars in unexplained expenses and assets.Altogether, from this very conservative estimate of unexplained wealth, Bukola Saraki has more than 14.1 billion naira (14,111,405,580 naira) according to declaration forms and police investigations of him.

Buhari has conspicuously stayed clear of Bukola Saraki since he became Senate President.
If Saraki is guilty on his assets declaration case,he deserves to rot in jail1 This monies is what is supposed to give you and i a better life,give us betetr roads,hospitals,electricity and our children bettet schools and a future.All these rich thieves,i pray that in 4 years Buhari jails them all! Enough has been enough for a long time!

Now imagine how many top men will be shaking in their boots right now.If the 3rd most powerful man in Nigeria can be in danger of going to jail,who is safe?Promises to be exciting and interesting times in Nigeria,
Documents of assets by Sahara Reporters.

Written By Queen Olofofo

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