17 year old Russian boy who falls to his death taking the extreme selfie!

17 year old Russian boy who falls to his death taking the extreme selfie!

17 year old Russian boy dies after taking the extreme selfie!

I still can't get my head round the 17 year old Russian boy who fell to his death taking the extreme selfie. The 17-year-old Russian school boy who goes by the Instagram name (@drewsssik) fell off from the roof-top of a nine-story building while trying to take an extreme selfie. The extreme selfie is the latest craze among teenagers. According to media reports, the boy climbed the building in Vologda city with a friend to capture a stunning selfie while dangling off the towering structure. He approached the edge in fading light and lowered himself over it with a rope and a smartphone. Unfortunately, the rope suddenly gave way and he fell. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died few hours later. His last Instagram photo shows him hanging on the wall of a building with just one hand before he fell. (above) According to reports, he always ignored friends' warnings. An
investigation has been launched into his death.

When you look at the pictures here that the 17 year old Russian boy has posted on his instagram,you think to yourself,this boy is dicing with death.You can only get close to the sea so many times and run back when the waves comes in,eventually you will get wet.Its such a shame that he died such a painful death at such a young age.But if you looks at the history of the daredevils,they never end well.The morgue is littered with their bodies,many of them are brained damaged or permanently disabled.

Extreme selfies are the latest craze.But how can one stop the kids? You can't.You would have thought all the stories coming out will put them off.But not so,its like a drug to the extreme selfies fanatics and when you are young,you feel invincible,you feel you can do anything,you know everything and everybody else is stupid!

RIP to the dead.

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