After Screening Rotimi Amaechi the very good bad guy of Nigerian politics!

After Screening Rotimi Amaechi the very good bad guy of Nigerian politics!

Pictures from the Rotimi Amaechi ministerial screening.
The ex Rivers state governor, is probably the most popular politician in Nigeria right now.I watched the ministerial screening live like many Nigerians,and even though i have a fondness for Amaechi(i don't know why,you just like some people)i was not really impressed by his presentation and answers.I find all that talk of i hate corruption and everyone knows i hate corruption cheap and shallow.Who is gonna come there and say i love corruption.Also i have a thing against public figures who are not eloquent and oratory when they speak,i know this does not necessarily make you a good leader,but i find it very
hard on the ear when you hear a man speak and its a struggle.

Moving on,after his screening,it was amazing to hear the noise in the corridor,what was that all about? Did they bring the crowd along? Why jubilate because you are about to be made a minister? It's not like you have won an election to be a governor or something like that.To be a minister must be a selfless task,and when i find people jubilating,it worries me.

People like bad boys,they generate emotions,and Rotimi Amaechi whether rightly or wrongly so is fast becoming the lovable bad of Nigerian politics.At the screening,the PDP senators refused to ask him any questions,stating that he still has a case pending on his corruption allegations,but the funniest part was when it was requested that should he take a bow and go,the PDP lawmakers refused,saying he ahd to be screened still,that was funny.

 More photos below...

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