Ebony Magazine's Cosby Show cover sparks outrage in America!

After allegations of sexual abuse against Bill cosby Ebony Magazine's decision to put the Cosby Show on the cover of their magazine sparks outrage in America!
It's a shame it all had to end like this for Bill Cosby.Who would have thought Cosby's legacy will be reduced to this that even the black community will disown him? REALLY sad,but i'm afraid Cosby has no one to blame but himself.
The Ebony magazine cover sparked outrage after releasing their November issue which featured a fractured image of “The Cosby Show” cast .

They used the photo for their lead story on broken families in the African American

community. Many people were displeased that the publication compared the classic show to Cosby’s real-life issues.Some are calling the cover epic while others feel what Bill Cosby did in his personal life had nothing to do with the “Cosby Show” and should not taint everything the show accomplished. 

What makes me really sad is the thought of many generations to come not getting the chance to see those classic Cosby Show reruns,because let's face it,who will put the show on Tv now?

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