Eedris AbdulKareem threatened to beat up pregnant Stella Dimokokorkus

Eedris AbdulKareem threatened to beat up pregnant Stella Dimokokorkus

The day Eedris Abdul Kareem threatened to beat up pregnant Stella Dimokokorkus in German Night club.
I didn't realise Eedris Abdul Kareem had always had a temper.I really thought it was something newly developed due to frustration.But apparently as far as 2005,Eddris was
threatening to beat up people.But this time shockingly,it was a pregnant woman,and in the full glare of a night club!

In a recent post on her blog, the Germany based blogger Stella Dimokokorkus revealed how Eedris once tried to assault her.

In 2005 in Hamm Germany, Eedris threatened to beat me up when I was heavily pregnant after smoking that thing in a night club. I was interviewing him and he got angry at the questions I was asking and flared up and before I knew it people were holding him from beating me up.

I wish he had touched me then, he would have spent some good years in jail to reset his confused head” the blogger revealed,and i don't think Madam Dimokokorkus was joking either!

However, the blogger failed to divulge the question she asked the Hip-hop icon that triggered his anger.
Eedris really needs to readress his temper,there has been too many stories,but he has been pretty quiet recently,maybe old age has eventually quietened down the bad boy of Nigerian hip hop.
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