Fayose says Fayemi is corrupt but wants him as Minister cos he's an Ekiti man!

Fayose says Fayemi is corrupt but wants him as Minister cos he's an Ekiti man!

Fayose asks Ekiti lawmakers to support Kayode Fayemi's ministerial nomination.
This is why i will never take Governor Ayo Fayose seriously.It is also one of the main reasons that Nigeria is going nowhere.TRIBALISM.
Everybody knows how much Ayo Fayose has gone on about Kayode Fayemi,the ex governor of Ekiti State.We have all heard of the stories of how Fayose said Fayemi looted and destroyed Ekiti,bought a bed for millions of Naira etc.Now,if you truly believe a man has done this,why would you now ask him to be supported and made a minister of Nigeria? And guess why Fayose thinks Fayemi should be supported? Because he is an EKITI MAN! You
see how disgusting that sounds? And these are the people we have ruling us! 

He also goes on to say it is God that judges people,we can't judge.What kind of stupid talk is that? Oh,and thats the other thing killing Nigeria,RELIGION! When you hear supposed leaders talking like this,doesn't it just make you sick?
You might as well have thieves,terrorists,killers and all sorts roaming free then,why bother have prisons? Nah,leave them all,don't judge,God will judge them on judgement day.Absolute nonsense!

Is it any wonder the country is messed up,when you have religion,corruption and tribalism at the fore of matters,what hope do we have?

Governor Ayo Fayose asked Ekiti state lawmakers to ensure his predecessor and ministerial nominee, Kayode Fayemi have a hitch free screening exercise at the floor of the senate come 13th October 2015 when screening of the country's ministerial nominees will commence. Fayose made the call while speaking with student leaders of Ekiti origin at the conference hall of the governor's office yesterday October 7th.
 "Ekiti is my number one priority, I called all the house of reps and senators that went to Abuja from here, some people petitioned the national assembly, stating how Fayemi sunk Ekiti into heavy debt, I have told the members not to do that.
It is God that judge people, not we. You must support him there. If a child would die, it shouldn't be from the mother. They should not go to the house and oppose Kayode Fayemi, NO, they must never do that. An Ekiti man is an Ekiti man. I appeal to everybody, you must support him. All former ministers from here in the time past practically really have nothing to show because we pull one another down, we pull one another down... We must not pull them down. If they are behaving like that, we must live a better life. Promotion does not come from man but from God Almighty"he said.

Frankly i am disgusted by this report,i really am.We have backward people ruling us. Kayode Fayemi is deemed corrupt by Fayose,but he wants him to become a minister of Nigeria because he is an Ekiti man and we can't judge,only God can judge.I need a bucket,i'm gonna be sick!
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