Felabration high moments and most shocking moment in pictures!

Felabration high moments and most shocking moment in pictures!

Felabration has been and gone and once again it didn't disappoint.
It's nice to see of one of Africa’s greatest musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti being celebrated yearly and for once we remembering our heroes.

The 7up sponsored event which began on the 12th of October through till 18th of October, featured over a 100 performances from some of Nigeria’s finest artistes.

Some of the highlights of this years Felabration for me definitely has to be the appearance of Majek Fashek.Even though i thought it was a wrong move for a recovering addict to be allowed into the Africa Shrine Lagos,so soon after rehab,it was nice still seeing Majek looking healthy,sounding in good voice and once again generating respect and not ridicule.An African legend shouldn't have been through what Majek has been through in the
last few years,even though he brought it onto himself.

Surely,the most shocking moment of the Felabration 2015 was undoubtedly the shocking appearance of Salawa Abeni's son Big Sheff! What the hell was that all about? Dude needs to lose weight yesterday! That is a dangerous move he is messing with,Big Sheff should go learn about so many celebrities who died so young or had a stroke cos of their health.You can't toy with fame at the expense of your health.Someone needs to get to Salawa Abeni son and make him realise he is toying with fire! I had seen Big Sheff before in the past,he was big but no way as big as he is now,i saw that picture and i swear for about 2 minutes,i just sat there staring at him.Not good at all,so definitely,that was the most shocking moment of this year's Felabration.

Lets see some highlights of the event...below...
Big Sheff at Felabration
Salawa Abeni son Big Sheff and his mum at Felabration
Majek Fashek and Femi Kuti at FELABRATIONMajek FasheK at FELABRATION


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