Helen paul explains why she threw shades at Ali Baba and Saka on stage!

Helen paul explains why she threw shades at Ali Baba and Saka on stage!

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Helen Paul.

You must have all seen or heard about the Helen paul act in Port Harcourt during AY live when she threw shots on stage at some of the biggest names in comedy in Nigeria.Helen Paul attacked Ali Baba (see here)who is seen as the god father,calling him old and saying only his fellow old people like Obasanjo finds his jokes funny.Helen Paul and Gordons yabbis almost led to a fight on stage,she laughed at Gordons for not having an endorsement despite 15 years on stage! But the worst in my opinion was when she brought comedian Saka into it,saying he only got an endorsement at the age of 55! I personally think some jokes are too expensive and Helen threw some expensive jokes that day.Anyway,she has
come out to explain herself..so i will let you read her explanation.

But since Saka's name was not mentioned here,i will state that after a fan attacked her for being rude to call out Saka,Helen Paul explained it was just an act..So i guess that is an apology.It will be interesting when next she bumps into Saka or Ali Baba at a show..see Helen's explanation below...

I have watched with mixed feelings, ranging from bewilderment at first, to amazement, and now utter amusement, as some mischief makers have tried to create a non-existent frosty relationship between me and my father and mentor in the industry, Ali Baba. It all started with my jabs at a show - something we all as comedians throw at each other every now and then. All done for laughs - nothing personal. Ali Baba is someone I respect a lot and it will be foolhardy for anyone to think that I was 'insulting' him at that event. I am like a daughter to him and I am sure if he has any issues with me, he would, as an elder and a father, talk to me personally about it. The account and scenario described in his post allegedly referring to me did not even happen to or involve me. It amuses me how people easily read between imaginary lines so that they, like Don King, can promote battles, lol
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