Ice T wife Coco leaves nothing to the imagination in cringey Baby shower party.

Coco Ice T wife baby shower

Baffles me why a 36 year old would wanna dress like this on her baby shower with families and friends around.Totally shows no class and respect to the husband ,the baby and herself.Imagine if this child grows up and sees his mum dressed like this at his or her baby shower? There were about 12 pictures and i had to struggle to get this few that i deemed fit to upload.Coco had her breasts out everywhere,they were almost falling out of her dress! Very embarrassing.Amazed Ice T could not call his wife to
order on this.Looks like the gansta has been P whipped!
The baby shower for the glamour model wife of Ice T,Coco ,was held at New York City's Cedar Lake Event yesterday. I guess Coco does not know when to leave her work behind.This is one of the worst baby shower pictures i have ever seen.And i wonder whether the false signs they were carrying in the above picture is a reflection on her chest.Just wondering...More pictures of Coco's baby shower below.

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