Is Toke Makinwa bleaching turning her into Michael Jackson?

Is Toke Makinwa bleaching turning her into Michael Jackson?

I came across a Toke Makinwa interview online by chance and i was shocked by what i saw!
She was before my very eyes turning into Michael Jackson!
There has always been controversy regarding her skin,if you go online ,you will be surprised at how much inquisitive people are regarding her skin.You get searches like did she bleach her skin?Toke Makinwa bleaching cream..She defends herself saying she was always light,yes,she was never a dark girl,but there is fair and there is super light! Right now she is fairer than a lot of
people who are of mixed race.
Toke Makinwa bleaching or not?

It wouldn't be so bad if she just came out and said yes i bleach,i look better that way,people will talk about it for a minute and forget it all.But as long as she denies it and say things like i have always been fair and did not bleach,people will remain curious and do searches like Toke Makinwa bleaching before and after.

She is not quite at the Michael Jackson stages yet,but she is pushing it.

Now she has defended herself at various times,sharing photos of when she was younger and all that..but surely people are not blind and they can see,the difference is clear.I think she actually looks good with it.But she has looked good for a when with her skin..The problem now is she seems not to know when to stop,and the danger with that is,you keep going till you damage your skin..Michael Jackson and many Nollywood actresses are a testimonial to that.

You know like when a girl starts dieting or losing weight and she gets to a stage where she looks amazing and everyone tells her so? Well,you get high on those complements and wanna keep going,then you look gaunt,too skinny and ill..That is the danger she is facing now if she does not stop bleacher her skin,i suggest she puts a Michael Jackson photo on her fridge door or in her bathroom to remind her and keep those bleaching creams at bay.But her bleaching looks so professional that i don't even think she uses cream,She must have visited one of those expensive clinics where they perform magic on you.
Some more before and after pictures to ponder on below...

written by Queen Olofofo.

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