Medically Pronounced dead 70 year old man wakes up after 30 hours in Benue!

Medically Pronounced dead 70 year old man wakes up after 30 hours in Benue!

A dead man came back to life in what can only be termed as the right time is the right time.
The 70-year-old Amos Otene man, reportedly resurrected after he was certified dead by medical practitioners in Makurdi, Benue State.
According to a report, Doctors at a private hospital in the town had, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, certified Otene dead at 4.30 a.m. and wheeled him into the mortuary where his was for 30 hours awaiting instructions from members of the family for embalming.
According to reports, Otene had had a toothache and was rushed to the private clinic, on Tuesday, August 25. A day later, he was certified dead and the doctors whose names were not mentioned in the report wanted to embalm him but because there was no family member to give the go-ahead, they instructed that his body be wheeled to the morgue.

30 hours later, Eche Otene, the son of the ‘deceased’, who lives in Lafia, Nasarawa State, went to the morgue to identify his father's body, however when he got there, his father

raised his hand to acknowledge the presence of his son and followed that gesture by sitting up on the mortuary trolley.

The question everyone want answered is: Was the man sentenced to death by an inexperienced medical team or did he actually die but was brought back to life by God?

People who believe in science think Pa Otene could not have died in the first place and the question of resurrection was out of the question. The only explanation, according to a Makurdi-based medical practitioner, Dr. Ameh Edace, is that the  retiree could only have been “in a long coma”.
The Medical Director of Rekiya Memorial Hospital, Kaduna, Dr. Bello Mohammed, said that “in the history of medicine, there has not been any case of anybody coming back to life after being certified dead.” He added:

“If a person is pronounced clinically dead, he remains dead and there is no way he can come back to life, certainly not after 24 hours. On this case in question, the only medical explanation is that the patient was in a long coma.”
To this school of thought therefore, if  doctors  had certified Pa Otene dead, then the competence of such  doctors  should be called to question.

There are others who think it's a miracle by God who brought him back to life.

Is this a case of a miracle or medical incompetence?

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