Missing Jessica Edionwele found in Boyfriends house in Abuja!

Missing Jessica Edionwele found in Boyfriends house in Abuja!

Remember 24 year old Jessica Edionwele that went missing and threw people into worry cos she had not been found when she left Lagos on the 7th of October for Abuja to meet her dad? Well the poor geh was jejely getting some good loving at her boyfriends place in Abuja apparently.CAN YOU JUST BELIEVE THAT? In this day of telecoms technology,not a phone call or tweet to anyone that she's ok? Na so the the thing sweet reach?

jessica is the daughter of  Hon.Edionwele, representing Esan Constituency, Edo State.She
is gonna have a lot of answering to do to her old man.But then again,maybe she is spoilt.Cos i cannot understand why she would pull a stunt like that.My dad would have killed me by now.We will probably be having my wake keeping now.

Jessica's friend was the first to raise the alarm that she was missing.But when the 24 year old was found,there were no details,just the usual she had been found and thank God business.
Miss Edionwele was allegedly found at her boyfriend's house in Lugbe, an outskirt of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Sunday evening by policemen from the Abuja police command.
I hope the Police gave them a bit of a hard time,but i doubt it.who wants to offend Oga Honourable?

When this story first broke,it was not said what actually happened.They only told us Jessica Edionwele had been found alive and well at her boyfriends,it later came out that she had actually along with her boyfriend been trying to defraud her father by pretending she had been kidnapped! Chai! That boyfriend is in serious trouble He is going to bear the brunt of all this.He obviously influenced the young lady and he will pay for this,i am sure her father is fuming.But then again,you never know,Jessica herself may be the bad influence.Maybe the father was stingy to his daughter and she wanted some money.
The reports now is the boyfriend is in police custody.

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