Panic as British nurse Pauline Cafferkey is struck by Ebola for a second time!

Panic as British nurse Pauline Cafferkey is struck by Ebola for a second time!

Pauline Cafferkey british nurse who had ebola has been struck with the virus again.

Pauline Cafferkey
British nurse Pauline Cafferkey who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone is back in hospital today after falling ill with the deadly virus for a second time. She is said to be in a serious condition.Pauline Cafferkey, 39, was flown from Glasgow back to the Royal Free Hospital in north London by the RAF this morning, ten months after she first recovered from the illness.She was said to have gone to the hospital on tuesday after feeling poorly.

The NHS nurse was wheeled from a jet at RAF Northolt by medics in hazard suits on a bed surrounded by a protective bubble before police closed roads so her ambulance could rush her to the nearby hospital.

She is said to have developed an 'unusual late complication' as a result of the original Ebola infection and tests have revealed that the virus is still lingering in her body. 
Pauline Cafferkey who had ebola has been readmitted with the virus,
Ebola patient,Pauline Cafferkey who has been struck again with the disease for a second time.

Miss Cafferkey is now back in the isolation unit where she spent a month and became critically ill after being diagnosed with Ebola last December.
Confirming the relapse - and the seriousness of her condition - Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted: 'Thoughts with Pauline Cafferkey today as she battles Ebola for the second time'
The health officials have stated that there were no fears of an outbreak resulting from the Pauline Cafferkey situation.

Source: UK Daily Mail
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