Peace Hyde the body,the actress,the measurements,the hot pics &the star!

Peace Hyde the body,the actress,the measurements,the hot pics &the star!

Peace Hyde measurements

Who is Peace Hyde:The Ghanaian British girl who came literally from nowhere to smash the internet with her curves and hot pics.Its amazing how in this day and age a woman can generate so much attention just based on her looks,hips,curves and body measurement,oh,i forgot to mention the famous 
Booty as well.But what the hell i'm i talking about? Women have always generated interest and attention from their looks,right from the days of Adam and Eve up till the Venus De Milo to Cleopatra and Bathsheba,and it will continue to be so! Now back to this hot lady with the curves.

Lets start with a bit about her biography.Her real name is Peace Regina Hyde.That body although born in London to Ghanaian parents 30 years ago,August 9 1985,was made in Ghana Africa! 
Peace Hyde curves

She, believe it or not graduated with 1st class honors at the Middlesex University UK in Psychology,so you can't mess with her head,if anything she will mess with yours and figure you out miles away.
She was a teacher for 6 years! She taught chemistry, physics and biology, before moving to education sector she practised as child psychologist.Can you just imagine the attention the boys in her class would have paid to those subjects? I bet they never missed a lesson! And its been reported that since she left teaching,all those little boys have refused to go back to school! lol....

She started acting at age 11,so i guess she has always has that showbiz and ability to show off in her,cos make no mistake,she is the biggest show off you could ever meet.. Miss Hyde made her screen debut in the Adams Apple's TV series by Shirley Frimpong-Manso.
She currently hosts 3 shows in Ghana: The EFGH Show,GH One's Friday Night Live lifestyle show and  MTN Hit Maker Season 3 co-hosted with Bola Ray.

Peace hyde pictures

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Peace Hyde's measurement has been a thing of great curiosity to her fans,but no one can actually get her measurements down officially,and since the lady herself is unwilling to reveal them,i guess you are just gonna have to sue your imagination when trying to figure out what her measurements are.
But one thing we can say is her measurements are hot,curvy and certainly not fake!
Peace herself has revealed that a lot of people have been curious to know if her measurements and body is real.They wonder if she had a boob job or a butt job,she seems surprised by this,but how could she? You can't have a booty like that with tiny waist,flat stomach and not make people wonder if they are real or if she has had plastic surgery.

Who is peace hyde

These are all questions she has been faced with.I personally don't think she had plastic surgery,but i definitely think she has used the famous waist trainer,and i think she is still using it.You can't have a booty like that with that flat stomach and such a tiny waist naturally.Something definitely has enhanced it.

But waist trainer is fine because its not surgery is it? It just helped keep things in place.Personally ,i think she could do with coming one size down or half a size if there is such a thing.Her fans will probably kill me for this,lol..They are dying to see her in bikini and there i am saying she could lose a size!
Peace hyde biography

As if all these was not enough,she has also just become the Forbes correspondent for Africa,actually to be precise,she is the new West Africa Forbes correspondent.Is there no end to this woman's talent? Actress,Tv Personality,teacher,Hostess,hot body lady,and now Forbes Correspondent.I just wonder how the viewers focus on her when she is on tv.
Peace hyde husband,boyfriend,

Her instagram is another place where the lady exudes her magic,she has 83 thousand followers who just can't get enough of her and her hot pictures daily.Did i also mention that she appeared in the MTV series Shuga where she played a character called Eniola?I really don't know where she finds all this time to pack in all these activities,could the Ghanaian also be Super woman in disguise?
Peace hyde boyfriend

Peace hyde picture

Funnily,nothing is known about Hyde's boyfriend,her husband or her love life,she has managed to keep that bit really quiet,smart girl,i would not be surprised though if she finds it hard to date,her profile is such that it would be almost impossible to juggle all the madness,but like they say,where there is a will,there is a way.
As far as we know ,there is no husband,but hey,you never know,this lady is smart,she has a first class degree in psychology afterall.
It's amazing how much people wanna find out about her,they wanna know about her boyfriend,they wanna know her bra size..bra size? Can you imagine?They wanna see her twerk or are some freaks out there for sure!

Peace hyde photos

The lady does it all,she appears in movies,she rocks bikinis,she takes the hottest pictures,she has a 1st class degree in psychology,reports for Forbes,has killer curves and measurements,is proud to represent Africa and Ghana yet she is only 30 years old!

written by Queen Olofofo.
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