Sad day for Nigeria as corrupt students name Kashamu man of the year!

Sad day for Nigeria as corrupt students name Kashamu man of the year!

National association of Nigerian students president

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) names Buruji Kashamu Golden man of the year.
This is one of the saddest posts i have ever published on this blog,i am embarrassed and ashamed that some Nigerian students who are supposed to be the future of Nigeria has taken this shameful step of naming a near fugitive their Golden man of the year! It is a disgusting step and i really feel the government authorities should really investigate the National association of Nigerian students,especially their President,Tijani Usman.
Social critics and activists have slammed the National Association of Nigerian Students
(NANS) for naming troubled Senator , Senator Buruji Kashamu representing Ogun-East senatorial district, for naming him the ‘Golden Man of the Year’.

Tijani Usman, NANS National President  presented the award to Kashamu last week for his ‘untiring, exemplary and compassionate leadership style’.

While presenting the award to Kashamu in Ogun State, Tijani said, “We decided to honour Senator Kashamu because we know that he is neither the richest businessman nor politician in Nigeria, yet we constantly hear of his philanthropic gestures to Nigerians of all shades and colours, especially the less-privileged.”

“We are fascinated at his large-heartedness even in the face of needless distractions. We reckon that if all wealthy Nigerians are like Senator Kashamu, the country will be a better place for us all. That is why we decided to encourage him by giving him this award.”

It is quite glaring and obvious from the words used by Tijani Usman that they have been bought,his philanthropic gestures indeed.Of all the revolution going on in the country,men like Dele Momodu who tirelessly campaigned for Buhari and the poor and even at a time criticized Buhari for what he deemed the slow take off in his administration,even though he was a clear Buharist.The students did not see it fit to honor men like these,or even the Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi,men who have fought with integrity and vigour.But in the eyes of Tijani and his fellow corrupt students,they think its a man that has been plagued with drug trafficking allegations,who fought tirelessly in going over to America to defend his name, even though he has all the best resources in the world to have a good representation,it is a man like that they have made their Golden man of the year?
 It really is embarrassing and shameful.What hope do we have if men like these are supposed to be Nigeria's leaders of tomorrow? The only comforting part of it is Tijani Usman Shehu is a 40 year old man,so he really is not the future as such.Now,talking about his age,in which country have you ever heard a 40 year old being appointed a leader of the students union? Why are all this terrible and shameful things happening in my beloved country Nigeria?

There was big controversy at the election of Tijani,his age was heavily disputed,but in a controversial election,he emerged as the president of the NANS.Now,if you remember,this same Tijani Usman was the one who was screaming for the NDLEA to live Buruji alone when they were trying to extradite him to the United States on drugs charges.
In all my life ,i have never witnessed something like that.Students all over the world are usually the most critical and sceptical body.If there is an ounce of suspicion over a matter of leadership,the students want to normally get to the very bottom of it.But in this case,despite all the fingers pointing at Buruji Kashamu,the students led by Tijani did not at a single time question Kashamu or ask critical questions.
It really is embarrassing and i really do feel the EFCC should seriously investigate that body.The Nigerian students presenting Buruji Kashamu with the Golden man of the year award,is a sad day for Nigeria.
You will not be surprised to know that Tijani Usman the President of NANS is an open supporter of the PDP,Buruji Kashamu is a kingpin of the PDP,need i say more?

Written by Queen Olofofo.
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