Toyin Aimakhu calls fan who says she's nothing without husband Mad!

Toyin Aimakhu calls fan who says she's nothing without husband Mad!

Toyin Aimakhu and husband in the news again..
Some so called fans really deserve what they get on social media.Nigerian fans can be the worst fans at times.Why would you think because you buy somebody's music or their movies you can talk to them anyhow?Some things are still private and we should mind our own businesses as fit.

So the Yoruba actress has broken up with her husband Adeniyi Johnson yet again.The poor girl was celebrating her life saying how super happy she was.

Well,a busy body fan had other ideas,she said Toyin could never be completely happy without a man
asking her not to live her matrimonial home.
Toyin was furious and replied telling her,some people have madness in their head,did you advise me to marry him?And the funniest part is she ended the rant with I love you too! Hahahahah,this was of course in reference to the fan having said earlier that she loves Toyin.

You might say she was hard on the fan,but fans also should know what kind of things they come out with.These celebs are human too.Its the same way they have been jumping on Linda Ikeji's case,asking her to go get married.What business is it of theirs if she gets married or not? Shebi its her life abi?The poor girl buys a house and she was celebrating,yet they are pouring water on her parade asking her to go have kids and marry.Did she come complain to you?

Do you know what it feels like for the whole world to be writing about your inadequacies so
publicly? They should stop and imagine it for a little while.

Its the same way a fan picked on Julius Agwu a couple of days ago complaining about bleaching his legs,then Julius descended on her and called her fat and ugly.I think these so called fans should be given a taste of their own medicine every now and then so they know how it feels.

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