Tupac's handwriiten is thug life dead letter to sell for $225,000

Tupac's handwriiten is thug life dead letter to sell for $225,000


Tupac Shakur letter from jail.

A recently unearthed letter from prison penned by Tupac Shakur shows the legendary gangster rapper was ready to change his tune before his violent death.
The letter entitled, “Is Thug Life Dead?” is a five-page message penned by the rapper to Death Row Records employee, Nina Bhadreshwar following his 1995 conviction for sexual abuse. It details his desire to swap a life of gang violence, drugs, and pain, for a more fulfilling one. The letter is currently on sale for $225,000.

In the five-page message   the rapper lays out a plan for African-American men to navigate

out of the same cycle of violence and drugs that he lived through even after he achieved stardom.

Some of the 'Tupac is alive' conspiracy theorists also claim that the letter is another indication that Tupac had been planning to fake his death for a long time, and that Tupac is indeed alive and in hiding.

Only last week,one of the men suspected to be involved in Tupac's Las Vegas killing on Sep 7 1996, Terry Bubble Up Brown,was shot to death!

The Tupac Is Thug Life Dead letter can be seen in its entirety below.. 

Credits: Vibe

Tupac letter

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