Watch Helen Paul and Gordons fight on stage at AY Live comedy show!

Watch Helen Paul and Gordons fight on stage at AY Live comedy show!

 Helen Paul and Gordons fight on stage

This was a totally shocking incident to see,and i definitely think Helen Paul went too far! I don't know if there was a prior thing going on among the comedians,maybe they had a show where they mocked Helen Paul earlier ,i don't know.But Helen took to the stage mocking many comedians.Among them were Ali Baba,AY himself who put the show on,Basketmouth and I go Dye.But Gordons obviously did not find the joke funny cos he came out blazing by giving Helen Paul a taste of her own medicine.He called her a woman with hairy chest and yam legs,but what Helen Paul said next was
terrible in my opinion.She said Gordon had been in the industry for 15 years and had no endorsement! That was really low and out of order,she also said she was not the one responsible for his lack of endorsement.But the worst thing she said in my opinion was saying that his case would be like the case of another respected and much older comedian who is old enough to be her father.The comedian in question is comedian Saka,Hafiz Oyetoro.

Helen Paul's word's were,"Make your own no be like Saka wey get endorsement for 55" referring to his age! AY had to come and carry her off the stage when things were getting too far,unfortunately he was too late,the damage was done already.

There could be more to this and maybe Helen was just having fun.The fact that she called AY ugly despite him being the one who invited her to his show suggests it might have been all fun,but she has to be careful.The money has obviously gone to her head.You could lose it all tomorrow.Bigger stars have fallen from the stars...Anyway watch the video of the Gordons and Helen Paul fight here.

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