Why Saraki's appeal court ruling could determine if Buhari is really serious

Why Saraki's appeal court ruling could determine if Buhari is really serious

Bukola saraki sitting in the aCCUSED dock at the cct trial

This truly is remarkable,anywhere else but in Africa,Senate President Bukola Saraki would have resigned honorably with all the drama surrounding his false assets declaration.
The Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal has fixed Monday October 19th as the date to decide on whether the 13 count charges of false assets declaration preferred against Senate President Bukola Saraki before the Code of Conduct Tribunal will be quashed or
We all know he  is guilty of the charges,Saraki knows it,the senate knows it,the courts knows it and Nigeria knows it.But guess what? Saraki is asking a court to stop the code of conduct tribunal from hearing the case.Why else would you do that if you are not a guilty man? Is this the example the No 3 man in the country is supposed to set? Saraki should be happy he has the chance to show the whole of Nigeria that he has nothing to hide and comply with the trial,but oh no.
The irony is this same man was presiding over a process to see if the ministerial nominees were fit to be ministers.The whole thing is a joke,it is just incredulous really.

A few weeks ago,i would have said Saraki was never gonna get through this,but now i am not so sure.He seems to have made up with certain people in the APC now and anything is possible in Nigerian politics where there are no ethics.I hope i am wrong,but i will not be surprised if he gets his way in court.How a man can publicly show his face after forcing procedures to prove his innocence is beyond my imagination.

Justice Moore Adumein of the Court of Appeal panel today adjourned for judgment after hearing the appeal filed by the senate president to challenge the jurisdiction of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to hear the charges.

I wait till Monday and see where this madness leads us,if Saraki is not tried by the code of conduct Bureau,in my opinion it will throw a big spanner in the works of President Buhari in his fight against corruption.A lot of Nigerians will be disappointed and really wonder if that change is really here.
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