Why Sunday Oliseh should be embarrassed treating Vincent Enyeama so disgracefully!

Why Sunday Oliseh should be embarrassed treating Vincent Enyeama so disgracefully!

I like Sunday Oliseh,well maybe i used to.But there is a saying that you do not know a man's character truly until he becomes rich.Don't take this literary because Oliseh has been rich for a while,it is a figure of speech.
Every time i have watched him from afar in the past,i had always thought this was the kind of man Nigeria needed as a coach,he was calm ,composed,passionate and seemed to know what he was talking about when analysing a game.Now,what i am about to say is based on the assumption that what Vincent Enyeama said was true,if Enyeama has lied,then i whole heartedly apologise to Oliseh.So here goes...
But it looks like the same problem that all Nigerian local coaches have and also a common
culture in Nigeria is what is going to destroy Oliseh as well.It is called Bigmanism,it is also called lack of man management skills,while some will call it egoism. 

Now lets get to the nitty gritty of things, Enyeama has been a great servant for Nigeria for 13 years.When you hear him speak,you know he is not a prima donna,he is passionate about Nigeria and has always answered Nigeria's call. For Oliseh to treat him the way he did,having security men harass him and escort him out of camp is nothing but a bloody disgrace! I am really embarrassed for both men and Nigeria as a whole!

What was Enyeama's crime? His mother died and the guy missed a game.And because of this Oliseh felt it was appropriate to insult him by stripping him of the captaincy and giving it to Ahmed Musa?

Can you imagine that happening to Wayne Rooney? Cristiano Ronaldo? Or any of the great football captains? 

Its the same way the former coach of Nigeria Stephen Keshi at a press conference told journalists that they were clamouring for a player to be included in the Super Eagles team,now he has included him,what did he do? I mean,how can a coach say that in public about his player? And you expect this same player to run through brick walls for you in future? These guys just don't have a clue,they talk as if they are talking to their friends under the tree while playing a game of cards.

And i know exactly why Oliseh has behaved this way towards Enyeama.The new keeper he invited,Carl Ikeme had a fantastic game against Tanzania,in fact he was the man of the match.So in Oliseh's eyes,he now has a capable goalkeeper who can replace Enyeama so he is not gonna take no nonsense.But how can one crucify a player for not turning up in camp when he has lost his mother? I am just baffled and can't believe the coach who looks a nice and understanding kind of guy can behave in such a way.

To make matters worse,a message which Enyeama posted online ,clearly suggests his mother was insulted.This is what he said in a post on social media,which he released moments after Oliseh went on air...

"After 13years of national service, having this smiles on my face and this passion in my heart. through the billows, the waves of the ocean, the tears of defeat, the sound of rejoicing from victory chants. now the thought of being stripped naked and security agents throwing me out breaks me completely. i will take anything but not insult to my dead mother."
Vincent Enyeama's statement after argument with Sunday Oliseh.
Oliseh really owes Enyeama a public apology.Sadly i see nothing but the end for Enyeama in the Super Eagles of Nigeria team,i cannot see how both men can ever have a cordial relationship again.I also cannot imagine Oliseh being civil towards Vincent.In his eyes ,his authority has been challenged and Enyeama has to go.
Now back to what i said earlier about man management,let's assume that Enyeama was wrong and it is not even important if he had gone to bury his mother,as the captain of the national team,the Super Eagles,and a player who is not known to be a problem in the past,couldn't Oliseh have handled the matter tactically and privately? Did he have to show his captain up in front of all the players,who are mostly junior players like that? That's why i said bigmanism,arrogance,egotism and  lack of man management is the biggest problem of our local coaches!

See what Oliseh said while on Brilla Fm radio show...

“There is no captaincy tussles …For Nigeria going forward, I need a player who is regular in the team and it is Ahmed Musa, who did a great job in Tanzania under very difficult circumstances,” Oliseh said in a radio interview with Brila FM on Wednesday morning from Belgium.

“He (Musa) is the captain of the team, not somebody who is thinking of retirement.

“A captain has to lead by example. We are not here to build stars.

“If you don’t conform to what I am trying to do, we will be friends, but we will be friends from afar.

“There has been a new government and the President has picked new ministers. And that is what I have also done.”

It has now been announced that both men have settled their differences,but time will tell.Time will tell how the Vincent Enyeama and Sunday Oliseh fight plays out.Once again,it is a disgraceful way to treat a man who had given his sweat blood and tears for the National team of Nigeria,to be escorted out by security men and strpped of his captaincy,simply because this player had missed a football match to mourn and bury his mother.Arise o Compatriots...


This is what Enyeama revealed to reporter Colin Udoh about the incident...
Enyeama said because he came late, (he came on Tuesday when the deadline to report to camp was Monday) Sunday Oliseh dropped him as a team captain and made Ahmed Musa the captain.
“I was surprised, so I stood up to explain my position and ask for an explanation, but the coach asked me to sit down. I insisted on speaking because I felt that with the years of dedicated service I have given to the country I deserve at least the respect of giving my own side. But he told me that either the whole team would leave the room for me, or I would have to leave the room for the whole team. There has been a lot of incidents these last few months. I don’t need it, the team does not need it, so maybe the best thing might be to step aside in the interest of the country so that the team can focus on football instead of distractions.” 
So there you have it,would you bet that Enyeama will play for Nigeria again under Oliseh
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