Why Toyin Aimakhu is right to leave her husband and move on with her life.

Why Toyin Aimakhu is right to leave her husband and move on with her life.

Toyin Aimakhu and husband ADENiyi Johnson split

Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson.The Nollywood actress has once again split from her husband .She has posted a message on instagram asking fans to support her and not let her dwell on the past..Read the message below..

Its been a rather turbulent marriage for the couple.Adeniyi has been a naughty boy on various occasions and Toyin has just about had enough.But we all know Nigerians have this rather irritating habit of asking an abused victim to stick to their marriage whatever the case.I have seen a woman come home to her mum with her loads packed saying she has had enough,the woman in question had a busted lip and swollen face from the beating dished out by her husband.But guess what? The mother sent her back saying in our family we never divorce blah blah blah.It is such a backward notion and terrible thing.

Many women have died in marriages cos of attitudes like these.In Toyin's case it was more emotional abuse i guess.But why stay in a relationship if its making you mirable and losing your self esteem? Why? Na by force? What if your partner died? Would you have killed yourself?

I totally agree with Toyin's move,she deserves happiness,if you are on a wrong road,turn around
rather than keep going.
I hope the fans leave her alone like she has requested and instead give her support.
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