Update on Yinka Ayefele attack by touts-He has been hospitalized!

Update on Yinka Ayefele attack by touts-He has been hospitalized!

Yinka Ayefele escapes attack from area boys touts.
Physically challenged gospel artiste, Yinka Ayefele escaped being lynched over the weekend at Ijare area of Ondo state by some touts who were angry at him for refusing to "settle them" after he got N3 million for playing in their town. On hearing that he had been smuggled out of the venue of the burial where he was playing, the touts descended on his workers, beating them mercilessly and destroying their equipment. 15 people were said
to have sustained injuries.
What is the government of Nigeria or these states doing about these unruly touts known as area boys? Do they have to kill a prominent public figure before they realise we have a serious problem with these animals? So many times these boys have attacked known faces.For me its another form of robbery,because if a group of thugs round you up and refuse to let you go till you pay them some money,what do you call that? Its is blatant robbery!
There should really be a campaign against this epidemic,today Yinka Ayefele has escaped with his life,tomorrow the next person might not be so lucky.
I bet Ayefele after the damage done to his instruments and his band boys wishes he had payed the boys,but how long can you afford to keep paying tax to these animals?

It is glaring that all these area boys are the same boys who later at night go around robbing people,if you can blatantly hold up a celebrity and not let him get through without paying ,then you definitely can go up to a citizens house or on the street and demand for money.Bear in mind that these people beat up many people as they did to Yinka Ayefele's band boys.A few weeks ago,the same thing happened when some area boys rounded up Dbanj and took things off him including his shoes and wrist watch,before leading him to a cash point where he gave them some money.

Its time the Nigeria police start making the citizens of Nigeria feel safe,because seriously up till now,we see no signs that they even exist in the country.

Here is an UPDATE on the Yinka Ayefele attack by area boys touts.Apparently,contrary to earlier reports,he didn't quite escape unscathed.He ended up in hospital after being hit in the chest by a plank.
Below is a press statement from Ayefele's management following his attack in Ondo last Saturday..
Aftermath of attacks by hoodlums in Akure, Ondo State capital on Saturday, Gospel Tungba crooner, Yinka Ayefele has been hospitalised following impact of the injuries he sustained in the attack. The popular musician was this afternoon rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Ado Ekiti where he had gone to honour the invitation of the Ekiti State government to perform at the World Teachers Day organised by the state government.

A release signed by his Publicist, Mr. David Ajiboye disclosed that the versatile artiste was hit with a plank on his chest during the attack on him on Saturday in Akure. According to the release, “Yinka Ayefele, MON was attacked by hoodlums on the outskirt of Akure on Saturday 3rd October, 2015 during the burial party of Madam Ebunoluwa Lydia Odumakinde where he was contracted to perform with his band members.
“The hoodlums, after collecting N200, 000 from the artiste as “settlement” later demanded for a sum of N500,000 which did not go down well with Ayefele and in the process of the argument, he was hit on the chest by a plank which was thrown at him.”
The release added that Ayefele’s Ford Explorer 2015 model was vandalized and his recently acquired N150 million musical equipment was not spared. “The hoodlums vandalised the newly acquired musical equipment and the truck while his new Ford Explorer 2015 model SUV was also vandalised, as well. The band boys escaped unhurt contrary to reports in the media that they were beaten.
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