Sunday, 8 November 2015

50 cent and Rick Ross attack each other on nasty fight!

Rick Ross and 50 cent beef

When is 50 cent ever gonna grow up?These are guys who are in their 40s and are still acting like teenagers.(well Ross is 39 while 50 cent is 40 years old
50 cent in particular seems to have nothing better to do with his time since he stopped having hits.All he does is beef everybody.Is there anybody in hip hop 50 hasn't picked a fight with? Maybe his own shadow! He and Rick Ross go back a long way with their beef,and i just hope one of them does not end up like 2Pac and Biggie.
hard stuff,but it is funny and entertaining as well.
 See the posts after the cut...

 And he went on and on...

Then Rick Ross responded, taking it to the next level by talking about 50's son...


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