African writer tells why Africa must Pray for Paris.

African writer tells why Africa must Pray for Paris.

Africa prays for paris

You all must have seen the controversy generated with Africans and Nigerians in particular being criticized for using the French flag in the wake of the Paris attacks.Well,an African writer has sent in an article stating why all Africans must show empathy and support France.Quite an interesting read...
Let's try to see the very reasons why we must #PrayForParis.First let me outline some daring
implications of the very immoral and barbaric actions of the extremists

1. The very first intention was to kill a maximum of humans indiscriminately which may not sound new as it's often the case with radical extremism.

2. However though, they attempted to enter into the Stade de France where an international friendly was going on with tens of thousands of joyful and innocent football lovers from several nations enjoying the beautiful game. I remember just that afternoon and early evening many African nations were playing the qualifiers for Russia 2018 including my beloved Indomitable Lions. Had these animals succeeded in entering the stadium, we would be talking of something else today I guess. When I imagine the thousands of our beloved African brothers who earn their lives from the beautiful game, I cannot think of the effect that could have on Africa.

3. They sadly succeeded in entering a concert hall where a rock band was performing accompanied by hundreds of joyful and innocent music lovers, we know the results that ensued in terms of number of victims. Music today in Africa is the fastest growing industry both in wealth and strength. The band playing could've been our beloved P-Square, The Marvins, X-Maleya etc etc just to name a few. Africa stands to loose the most in case these extremists succeeded in passing terror and destroying the music business in particular and entertainment industry as a whole.

Africa should and must #PrayForParis because

1. If our governments and security intelligence services of Nigeria, Cameroon and other African countries affected by extremist terrorism cannot assure us protection when we go to our markets and churches, what more if we were to be attacked in our football stadia and concert grounds. The consequences would be (not worth mentioning). So we pray that the message that ISIS was trying to pass through these new forms of attack are not understood by our own Boko Harams and the Al

2. Our beloved brothers and sisters who earn a living doing the only things they love and know how to do be it football or music be preserved from any such attacks in the future. So we #PrayForParis
that the people of France may find consolation and inner peace and come out stronger from this trial period of their history, and that their much more serious governments and intelligence services (sadly
so) together with their allies may put in more efforts and better strategies to prevent any such attacks in the future if for nothing but just to protect our brothers and sisters who sadly have to earn their living while plying their trade far away from home. So I call on all my African sisters and brothers alike for us to put aside our race differences and stand together with the people of France and #PrayForParis for the sake of humanity.

By Nanjoh Rachness
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